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Jan 9, 2012 08:40 AM

Seven Star Street Bistro

I really wanted to love this place. I was a huge fan of Seven Star in Newton Centre before they closed and when I heard they were reincarnating in Roslindale and that one of the children had attended culinary school and would be adding some Asian fusion I was very excited to try it. This past Saturday I picked up take-out at approximately 6 pm. I ordered 2 appetizers: beef wrapped in scallion pancake with hoisen sauce and Orange Soy Glazed Baby Back Ribs, neither stood out and both were average; the beef wrapped scallion pancake sounded like an interesting fusion twist but was devoid of sauce and dry; the meat on the baby back ribs literally fell off the bone as if the ribs had been boiled and the meat was a little mushy. For entrees, I ordered the Shrimp Blossoms and the Crispy Shrimp and Scallops with Garlic. The Shrimp Blossoms were probably the best dish, lots of extra large shrimp with egg white, carrots and fresh shitake, very fresh, ample portion but a little bland. The Crispy Shrimp and Scallops however were over salted which kind of overwhelmed any other flavor in the dish. Based upon other posts and my own expectations, I would have to say that I was sadly disappointed.

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  1. I am surprised you had that experience, I eat at Seven Stars pretty close to once a week, and I simply love their food. The hot and sour soup is my favorite in the city, the crab rangoons are fantastic, especially the home made dipping sauce, the peking raviolis are also outstanding.

    I do get that sometimes you read things on this site and others and it really gets your expectations up.....(La Verdad, I am looking at you), but I say Seven Stars is worth the hype.

    1. I was disappointed too. The food seemed like chinese-american junk food with better ingredients and 30% higher prices and 30% smaller portions than the standard. Not a niche I'm particularly interested in. I thought the hot and sour soup which everyone praises to the skies was utterly flavorless. Also- the "small plates" concept would work better in a sit-down setting than in takeout. When you have to wait for it all to be done then cart the food home rather than eat it as it emerges from the kitchen you're pretty much guaranteed some of your pricey little nuggets will be cold and gross. And I had total sticker shock from the bill... for that kind of money I could have been well on the way to another excellent meal at east by northeast!

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        I did a catered event from here. No sticker shock here, the amounts were generous and our group declared it the best Chinese they had had in the area. As ours was large scale take-out I am looking forward to going to the restaurant and eating in.... I don't think take-out is a fair trial of chinese. Will try and eat there next week and post a review.

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          sure- I agree about eat-in vs. takeout. 7 stars is not set up that well for eating in though- it's tiny and not particularly appropriate for a leisurely meal- though they have put some effort into the decor. it seems to be primarily a take-out place.

      2. I was sadly disappointed that Seven Star Street Bistro was closed on Christmas Eve. Who ever heard of a Chinese restaurant that wasn't open for Christmas?

        1. Meh. Second try (first time after calling and asking if they had a table and hearing yes, we arrived and found out sure we could sit there but it would be an hour before food). This time takeout. Best: black rice flavorful and well cooked. Kung pao shrimp pretty good. Chicken five flavors nice basil (?) and other herbal flavor. Rest: Chicken lo mein flavorless. Hot & sour soup average - fine but neither very hot nor very flavorful. Scallion pancakes with beef: not crispy, since it was takeout. What's the point of deep frying for takeout when it just gets soggy?

          Overall, I am close (Jamaica Plain) so if I could eat in (not really possible) or get it fast it might be worthwhile in a rush. But waits are long (35 min promised, 45 in fact) and longer than promised. So why not go to Jo Jo Taipei or Shanghai Gate, a bit further away, and eat better, less expensive food that isn't soggy since it's not takeout?