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Jan 9, 2012 08:17 AM

Restaurants Newton Centre, Highlands, Corner; good but informal

We are invited out by a NYC visitor who is staying in Newton Centre and does not want to travel from her base. atmosphere nice but informal. Food more than bistro or bar food. Constraints include one person who is gluten allergic but I know eats Indian food. So the surrounding W towns are out of question; Lumiere and Blue Ribbon, as well.

From Board, I get the idea that 51 Lincoln is a favorite these days. Ideas welcome.

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  1. When I saw the title of your post I immediately thought of 51 Lincoln - good food, nice atmosphere, and close proximity. That's my vote.


    1. I always have enjoyed my meals at Kouzina in the Waban section of Newton, which is just down Beacon Street from Newton Centre. More mediterranean than Greek, never a bad meal - I would imagine there are a number of dishes that are without gluten, in particular the roast bronzino.

      Bear in mind, though, I have not been back to Kouzina in a long while (used to be in the neighborhood more often), but with that caveat, I have not heard any negative reports.

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          Thanks, nsenada - I really need to get back there.

      1. Besides 51 Lincoln there are not a heck of a lot of places that fit the bill in Newton. I am always surprised by the lack of options in that area.

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        1. Thanks all for the recs After refelection, .Decision made. We have decided on 51 despite views on Board being decidedly mixed.
          Those curious as to why, can read on.

          our guest/host comes from the part of NYC which has the best Greek restaurants in the city (Qns) and knowing that she spent her Xmas holiday with her Italian family done where food is done by the grandmother according to Hoyle --all 7 fish served for xmas dinner---we felt that Kouzina was not going to be a fresh experiences and Waltham's best Italian (La Camp. and Il Capric.) was going to be at very best more of the same.