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Jan 9, 2012 07:59 AM

Rue Dumaine slipping? [Centerville (Dayton) Ohio]

I've been a frequent diner at the Rue from its opening; but the most recent meal was a bad experience all around--service and food. In fairness, the problems were acknowledged a one meal was comped. Nonetheless, something was "off" with everything except dessert. If that had been my first experience there, I would never return (it's been 4 months, and I haven't returned yet).

In the past year, I'd noticed what I thought was a decline--a couple of other semi-regulars have had similar views.

Just wondering if other CH's experiences have been different? Mine just a quirk, or a trend?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We were there in Dec, for a birthday dinner, and it was great. However, we are far from regulars, only visiting a couple of times a year.

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        Some news about Rue Domaine in Mark Fisher's blog from the Dayton Daily News. They will be moving to the new Austin Landing in 2013, and opening a sister restaurant, Alligator Annie's, which will serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week and be a more casual eatery. Personally, that probably means we'll get there even less, as Austin Landing is farther away, but it will allow them to capitalize on a location closer to Cincinnati.

        1. re: Niki in Dayton

          The announcement helps explain why Anne hasn't been in the kitchen very much lately--nor that visible in the house. Seems like she's been busy planning the move and expansion. I agree on the apparent motive to move to Dayton's newest hot spot--and to be closer to Cincy. Opening another restaurant and expanding the hours of the original will be a management challenge; the Rue's food has always surpassed the service, so Tom will have his work cut out for him.

          For us as well, the extra distance will certainly mean fewer visits. But, I wish them well.

      2. Visited Rue Dumaine for the first time this past Friday, to celebrate my parent's 60th anniversary. The operation was top notch.

        The duck breast special was excellent; both preparation and saucing. I hate brussel sprouts, but decided to trust the kitchen, a very solid side dish that I would order again.

        Parents both had flouder and like it - Mom said it was the best fish she has ever eaten. Wife loved her trout amandine.

        The 'warm' spinach salad was wonderful. I also looked longingly at the house salad, but am very happy with my choice.

        Service was excellent. They anticipated every need and acted before we needed to ask. Excellent *teamwork* by all.

        Anne was operating in both the kitchen with irregular visits to the dining room. She stopped by to acknowledge my parents' 60th anniversary - unexpected/nice touch.

        Another plus: Mgt has avoided the (trendy?) temptation to over-stuff the dining room with tables. There was adequate space for staff and diners to circulate without the bump & grind that is increasingly common; and unwelcome.

        1. I have been to Rue Dumaine once at the invitation of my brother. I was spectacular. Any restaurant of quality on this level is going to fight for recognition here among all the pseudo gourmands among us that want to play sophisticate.

          Here's the deal: We all should be in complete and positive support of the culinary efforts that Anne Kearney is trying to bring to this area. She is offering her brilliant compote of European and the "stuff" we like into a supreme dining experience. When I went there, it was well done beyond anything I had seen in this area ever. I love her for trying and I love her for trying here. We need to hold on to this little jewel of effort and respect she has extended to us. We love her and I want to taste her rhubarb desert.

          Gary Nichols, Ph.D., M.S., Ed. (aren't you impressed?!)