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Jan 9, 2012 07:41 AM

Catfish in LIttle Rock and surrounding area.

I'll be in Little Rock next month and I'm planning to check out 2 catfish restaurants.

I'll definitely be checking out Murry's Cafe in DeValls Bluff
and for my second choice I've knocked it down to four choices
Nicks in Carlsle
The Fish House in Conway
The Hook in Jacksonville (I've been here when they were the Crooked Hook but understand they have since changed ownership)
Smokin Buns BBQ & Cafish also in Jacksonville
With these four choices and only these four choices, where should I go?


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  1. My vote goes to Nick's. Have you been to Craig's BBQ in DeValls Bluff. It's outstanding.

    1. I grew up eating at both Craig's and Nick' can't go wrong with those two. Get Craig's hot BBQ sauce. I miss it as I am in NW Arkansas now.