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Jan 9, 2012 07:17 AM

Etnics - any new in western suburbs?

Just wondering if anyone has come upon any new & interesting ethnic restaurants in the western suburbs? Was hoping for something Moroccan or meditteranean, but am open to just about anything (except Chinese!). Also, something that's open on Monday!


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  1. Oops... meant "ethnic".

    1. Meditteranean:

      It gets pretty good press, too. I haven't been yet, but have mainly heard wonderful things/reviews. A few have been negative on value, but mostly very positive reviews about everything.

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      1. re: gordeaux

        Don't know how I've passed this & not noticed this.... since you are a fellow Yum-Thai fan, I should tell you the reason I'm searching for a place to go tonight is that it's my birthday and it's always my go-to birthday place. Since they're closed on Mondays, I need to look elsewhere this year!! Thanks once again for the rec!

        1. re: wineaux

          My bad -
          For some reason, I assumed they were open on Mondays.
          And lol - I think I'm gonna plan a surprise bday dinner at Yum next month for someone. That place can churn out some really great food off of that yellow menu, and the prices are more than reasonable. Add in a cooler full of beers and it'sa cheap party with stellar eats on the cheap. Love that place.