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Jan 9, 2012 07:00 AM

What Is the Hottest Hot Sauce You've Ever Tasted?

Mine is Predator Great White Shark Hot Sauce. Three li'l dashes turns a perfectly peacable bowl of ramen noodles into a raging cauldron of lava.


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  1. Dave's Insanity hot sauce is overly hot for table use, but I did try it once. I prefer the flavor and heat level of Tabasco or Sriricha.

    1. As Kelli mentioned, Dave's Insanity Sauce is generally considered the standard for ultimate hot sauces. However, Dave's now offers a Naga Jolokia Ghost Pepper sauce that sets a new standard for hot sauce. (Note the medical warnings on the back label.) This stuff actually tastes good when used in extreme moderation. A bottle should last you quite a while.

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        Just like the chile peppers themselves, it seems like there's always a new "hottest" out there. That said, something called The Source is quite regularly billed as the hottest.

        I've never tried the stuff, and I probably won't unless somebody else is footing the bill.

        1. re: Perilagu Khan

          At $84.95 it might be the most expensive and highest profit margin too!

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          I just picked up a bottle of the Dave's Ghost Pepper sauce the other day. The flavor tastes like dried peppers, and doesn't have that beautiful floral note that fresh ghost peppers do. Also I think the sauce was hotter than a fresh ghost pepper. It lists hot pepper extract as the second ingredient after the ghost peppers. It was definitely supremely hot. A drop 1/2 the size of a pea had me delirious for a few minutes. Ingredients: ghost pepper/naga jolokia, hot pepper extract, salt, vegetable oil, roasted garlic pulp, acetic acid

          But fresh ghost peppers are vicious, they really hurt in a mouthful of broken glass way. But if you nibble on small pieces they are tolerable and have this great flavor.

          Blair's Pure Death with Jolokia wasn't as hot as Dave's, but has a great taste. Only four ingredients: habanero chili pods, naga jolokia, vinegar, Hawaiian red salt

        3. I have a pretty low tolerance for hot sauce as I get older, but hubby can take the heat like a man...or so he thought until he tasted Dave's Insanity.
          I've been telling him for years to be sure to tone down the heat when he cooks, because some of the hot sauces or jalapenos make my mouth burn inside like a scalding cup of coffee. It's easy enough to chop up some fresh jalapenos to sprinkle on top, or add a little hot stuff to his serving.

          I picked up a bottle of Dave's Insanity on a closeout shelf once, just to see what the fuss was all about.. Knowing my sensitivity, I tried just an itty bitty drop, and hoo-yea, that was enough. Gave the bottle to hubby when he got home, and he dropped out a blob onto his finger that was just about the size of any other hot sauce he'd tried, and stuck it in his mouth.
          That poor man was in shock and pain. Said he never wanted to experience that again. And threw out the bottle saying he didn't hate anyone bad enough to give it to them.
          He's been very careful about the heat quotient when he cooks for us ever since.

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          1. re: jmcarthur8

            Dave's is great for teaching people that think they can take any amount of heat a lesson, for sure. They are a changed person afterwards, in all my experiences serving or suggesting it. Personally, one mini drop and I never wanted to repeat that experience. All pain, no pleasure. But that's just me.....

          2. Hate to repeat what everyone else said, but yeah - Dave's insanity sauce.

            An Irish buddy of ours used to make a layered dip with what he called land mines. Those were the areas in the dip where some insanity sauce had been dropped. Yowzah.

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            1. re: linguafood

              I love that idea.. I will def have to try that very soon.

            2. The hottest thing I've ever tried is Mad Dog 357. 357k SHU, compared to Dave's Insanity at about 50k. A toothpick dipped in the stuff was too much.

              You can get extract sauces over a million SHU if you want. I can't stand extracts because they're bitter.