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Jan 9, 2012 06:38 AM

St. Louis: Breakfast on Laclede's Landing

Are there any restaurants on Laclede's Landing that serve breakfast? Or maybe an early lunch?

I am looking to gather some friends together around 9:45 AM on a Saturday morning. I will then be leading them on a walking tour of the Landing, admiring the architecture.

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  1. No diners in that neighborhood at all. You're going to have to use the casino or the four seasons, although I think the place that once held the embassy suites may also have a restaurant. Maybe a tailgate breakfast on the levee?

    1. No diners, but there are options. If there is still a Subway there. they serve breakfast, also, there is brunch Sat/Sun at Tigin, at the Hampton Inn literally a block away. Check out Lumiere as well. The large convention hotels would certainly have breakfast, though most of those are a few blocks further yet.

      1. It's only a short 12 block walk from the 12th Street diner on Washington Avenue to Laclede's Landing. Other options downtown are superior.

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          Superior to what? The OP asked for things proximate to LL. I have only been to the 12th St. diner once, but I think Tigin or the Hyatt At the Arch would offer better fare.

          1. re: ddfry3

            Superior to the 12th Street diner. If the poster's limited to LL, then the options have been spelled out. If not, then there is a wider array of options downtown, including some that are not a diner (e.g., Rooster).