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Jan 9, 2012 06:25 AM

Need BYO Recommend For Group Dinner In North Jersey

I've tried many BYO's in North Jersey and am looking to expand the roster. We have a "Diner's Club" of 5 couples that go out once every 2 months and it's my turn to pick the next restaurant.

I would greatly appreciate if Chowhounds would chime in with their favorites.


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  1. Picnic the Restaurant
    14-25 Plaza Road North
    Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
    (201) 796-2700

    There is a liquor store a store or two away too.

    1. Lorena's is an absolute fav of mine and many on the board! (In Maplewood and a great wine store across the street!)

      1. Stamna Greek Taverna on Broad Street in Bloomfield (border of Montclair, easy off the GSP) is GREAT with a big group. Make the res and ask to sit in the back room. BYO, insanely good and even more insanely inexpensive, and a really fun spot to boot!

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          I agree Lorena's is pretty good. I recently had a really good experience in Caldwell at Rose Mediterranean its BYOB and can get wine delivered from across the street, just please stay away from Montclair haunts Culinariane (which is not inventive) and Fascinos (which used to be good but went down hill). Scalini Fedeli in Chatham is BYOB during the week but will be rude if you are under 50 (they think anyone under 50 doesnt have money and doesnt know food)

          Curlz- if you like Greek try Varka in Ramsey

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            njfoodie..I LOVE Varka! too bad it is so far from us!!

        2. Il Momdo Vecchio in Madison is great choice for byob and will do a tasting menu for groups.

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            We like Il Mondo, but when we go it is very loud. Do you find that to be a problem?

          2. For a reasonably priced place there is Cafe L'Amore in Oakland. Solid all around. Not sure if they take reservations for large groups though, you might have to call and find out.

            On the more expensive side there is the Saddle River Inn in Upper Saddle River. Great food and prices to match. But you save a good chunk with the BYOB.

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            1. re: briansnat

              We had a nice time at St. eve's in Allendale, near Ridgewood.