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Jan 9, 2012 05:54 AM

Russo's type market near Quincy??

Hi- I just moved to Quincy and would love to find something similar to Russo's in Watertown. (extensive produce selection, wholesale prices, etc) is there anything like that down here? THANKS!!

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  1. I haven't found anything like Russo's elsewhere. That said, Milton Fruit Center does a nice job and might be what you are looking for.

    1. There's nothing remotely like Russo's in or near Quincy.

      I agree that Milton Fruit Center is a nice store, but Russo's its not.

      That said, you should poke around at Kam Man, as its an interesting store

      1. get my produce at Shun Xing near Wollaston stop. there are several good Indian markets in South Q almost in braintree near the Filipino market and one south of Kam Man also. for more bewildering selections, hop on the T to Savin Hill or Fields Corner and try one of the large vietnamese supermarkets (it looks like a bigger Phu Cuong is opening across from Lucky soon, and Truong Thinh is a few blocks to the south), or to Broadway stop and walk to Mings or C-Mart or all the way to Haymarket on fri/sat

        1. Lambert's in Dorchester is worth checking out, but it is different than Russo's. The produce selection is not nearly as good, but they do have a butcher shop and fish market, their ground beef is particularly excellent.