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Jan 9, 2012 04:36 AM

Chinese grocery anywhere on Upper West Side?


We just moved to the Upper West Side, and are looking for some Chinese grocery store in the neighborhood. Chinatown has almost everything we need, but it would be nice to be able to pick up some of the items that I need somewhere closer to where I live.

I looked through the posts and saw that most of the Asian grocery stores in upper west side are either Japanese or Korean. Does anyone know any Chinese grocery stores in the area?

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!


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  1. Upper West Side not a good neighborhood for Chinese groceries

    1. No such luck. Sorry, the closest may be HMart in Koreatown on 32nd street. Even though it's Korean you may be able to find some of the stuff you're looking for there instead of having to trek all the way down to Chinatown.

      Han Ah Reum
      25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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      1. re: lulumoolah

        As an alternative to HMart, check out Bread & Honey on 8th in the high 50s. It has an eclectic mix of Asian groceries and prepared foods, and would be worth taking a look at to see if it carries things you frequently use. It's a relatively new place that is a bit schizophrenic (ie Mongolian BBQ, Korean, Chinese, along with European chocolate get the picture), but does carry things that otherwise are harder to find in the area.

        Bread & Honey
        941 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

      2. You might check out M2M near Columbia. It's Korean but also has some non-Korean Asian ingredients.

        2935 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

        1. Westside Market often has a decent selection of Chinese vegetables. what are you looking for specifically?

          Westside Market
          2171 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

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          1. re: coasts

            Thanks very much for the suggestion! Will definitely check out this Westside Market. I am mainly looking for Chinese vegetables and frozen food like dumplings, etc. Cooking ingredients can wait till when I get to Chinatown. Does Westside Market has Chinese frozen food as well? Thanks a lot!

            1. re: MichelleKuo2012

              If you're looking for vegetables, you can get a decent selection at HMart or M2M, both of whom will also have frozen dumplings and noodles. For any sort of varied selection, you will have to go to Chinatown.

              1. re: MichelleKuo2012

                Trader Joe's stocks decent-quality dumplings. I think we usually get the pork dumplings. They also come in vegetable, I think, and at least one other filling.

                Trader Joe's
                2075 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

              2. re: coasts

                I'm curious to know what vegetables you've found at Westside Market. It's been a few months since I looked, but last time I was there all they had was bok choy. They didn't have lemongrass, chives, eggplant, not even daikon. Have they added more Chinese produce recently? That would be great. Closest place to the UWS I've been able to find a decent selection is the Koreatown HMart.

                1. re: JoanN

                  I'm curious about this myself. LIke JN, I've only ever seen bok choy at Westside Market. The same mostly applies to M2M, and it charges a premium for bok choy.

                  1. re: gloriousfood

                    for sure they carry bok choy, daikon, wood ear mushroom, and sprouts. i don't think you'll find bitter melon on the UWS, though.

              3. For Asian veggies, Whole Foods sometimes carries items like lemongrass, daikon, bok choy, etc. I think they don't carry the best selection of frozen Asian food but I generally don't check out the freezer section. Of course, they will be at a premium cost compared to Chinatown.

                Whole Foods
                808 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025