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Jan 9, 2012 04:36 AM

Not very good: Silver Spoon Buffet, East Windsor, NJ

We went yesterday before 5. I thought we went early everything would be fresh. Let's start we at the beginning were the only ones there. I seemed they never refilled any of the plates since they closed brunch at 3:30. Some of the food had a nice taste others were completely bland. The sushi rolls were fresh but very limited and the sushi looked like it had been sitting awhile. Habatchi very limited spice. When we were about to leave after an hour then they filled up a few dishes. But all in all. NOT GOOD.

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      1. The worst meal of our lives was at an Indian restaurant while visiting Oxford. The place was empty......that was our clue. We were too hungry to notice. The food was so poorer paid and walked out after a couple tastes. We will never make that mistake again.

        1. I seems to me if you're going to a buffet at their down time you are asking for left overs. Truly unfair to judge it. I find their food very good for the price. They do have crablegs now, and it disgusts me to see people hogging them and eating as if they were never going to eat again. I think they should limit the crab legs to one plate per customer. I would hate to see them go out of business.

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            People hogging the crablegs is nothing new to buffets.

            I have seen where two people loaded up their plates and that cleaned out the crablegs.

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              You can do a lot of people watching at any buffet. There is a Chinese Buffet near me in Monmouth County (name escapes me) they are high volume and the food is constantly being re-stocked. I enjoy going there because I do enjoy the variety you can experience at a buffet a taste of this a sample of that without having to commit to an entire order of something. Mine even has peel and eat shrimp a sushi bar with made to order rolls and raw clams and muscles on the half shell and a hibachi grill to order. (all raw seafood on ice of course).

              Although I am a big eater I have no problem going back up for seconds or thirds as the case might be. I am constantly amazed at the HUGE MOUNDS people put on their plates as if the buffet might run out of food. It can be ridiculous amounts of crab legs or anything they can pile up high……I guess it’s almost a form of hoarding mentality. I don’t understand it…..take what you want….go back and get more!!

              1. re: jrvedivici

                The food-pilers really turn me off too. Such idiots...they take food as though they are afraid of starving and often even leave food on the plate....and then they go up for a new plate!

                Funny thing is, many of these dolts don't look as if they've missed any meals, and look to be in no danger of starvation any time soon. LOL

                I once saw a particularly offensive piler/waster actually 'called out' on his behavior by another patron. The offender's unbelievable reply was:
                "...hey, I PAID for this food..."

                What an idiot.

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