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Jan 9, 2012 04:16 AM

Parisian Markets in early April

Dear Parisian Chowhounders,

I wonder if you could offer me a little advice.

I plan to stay in an apartment in Paris in early April. It is in the 11th, near the Viaduc des Arts.

I want to make the most of having access to a kitchen, and therefore take advantage of Parisian Markets and shops. It will be my first time food shopping in Paris.

I would like to know which (seasonal) produce you would select in April, which markets you would visit, and which dishes you would cook using that produce?

I am happy to explore throughout the city (within the underground network), and am prepared to spend what ever amount necessary to sample fine seasonal produce.

However, if you have any specific recomendations which are located near to where I am staying, that would be an added bonus.

Thank you in advance, and as a first time poster I hope not to have breached any etiquette rules set by the board.

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  1. Your location is excellent. You'll be close to the marché d'Aligre and the marché Richard-Lenoir (Bastille).
    In early April, the produce is typical of early Spring, i.e. green vegetables and herbs. Artichokes, white asparagus, new cabbage, carrots, early turnips, radish, young leeks, etc. It is still too early for strawberries and other fruit but the last Winter apples and pears are there. Clémentines, oranges (blood oranges) are on the way out.
    Spring milk-fed lamb is also beginning to appear on market stalls.

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      Thanks for your valuable feedback. We'll keep all of this in mind. Much appreciated!

    2. imho the bio market on Sundays on Blvd Raspail is well worth the trip.

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          If you are in the 11th why travel all the way to Raspail on a Sunday for a small and expensive Bio market when Richard Lenoir Market also on Sunday is much closer and many times bigger and better (unless you only go organic)...!

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              Also agree, and with Place Aligre there as well as Ptipois said, great stuff. Aligre should have odd stuff like turnips the size of small radishes, cardoons, and kumatos, a green colored tomato from Bretagne. My flat is also in the 11th and use these two markets constantly.

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                Plus Aligre has one of the most fun wine bars in Paris - the Baron Rouge.

          1. somebody here posted this on another thread, but it's a great link: