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Jan 9, 2012 02:40 AM

Sunday Breakfast ?? Waxahachie - Medothian - Desoto - Duncanville (SW of Dallas)

We need to host about 20 people for a 10am breakfast on a Sunday in the Waxahachie - Medothian - DeSoto - Duncanville area southwest of Dallas.

Immediately after breakfast, we need to get on the road headed north. So, the closer to either I-35 (E) or US-67, the better.

Reservations are a must; I don't want to wait for a table. A buffet or omelet station would be great, but ordering off the menu would be ok too. This crowd seems to prefer bacon & eggs, omelets, Belgian waffles, and such -- regular breakfast food. "Nothing fancy" they keep saying.


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  1. Just realized I spelled Midlothian incorrectly.

    1. There are I-HOP's (International House of Pancakes) in Waxahachie and Lancaster. And, a Denny's on the I-35 service road in Red Oak.
      Also, Cracker Barrel has restaurants in De Soto and Burleson.

      These restaurants would probably be happy to make previous arrangements for large groups.

      1. A friend who lives in Red Oak named Ryans which is also a chain. She hasn't eaten there, but said you might look into it as they have a separate room for private parties.

        She also noted the 342 Grill in Red Oak stating: heard of the old 1879 Chisholm Grill in the square [Waxahachie] - We liked it and it had a good rep... but it burned down! The family that used to own the 1879 opened 342 in Red Oak about a year later.) Apparently they do breakfast at the weekend although we haven't had it. (Bar is off to one side


        If cigarette smoke is a huge negative, you might ask about it when you book your reservation. A lot of the outlying towns still allow smoking in their restaurants.