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Jan 8, 2012 10:33 PM

Grill menu at Toraya?

Anyone tried the grilled tongue, chicken hearts or other non-sushi items at Toraya? I have gone in intent on ordering them, but I always revert to my standard sushi / chirashi order. One of these days…

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  1. Excellent grilled beef tongue --- thin sliced, well salted, one of my favorite versions. Particularly good ohitashi (spinach) as well. I don't recall having the chicken hearts before.

    1. My usual DC and I have enjoyed the beef tongue and chicken hearts many times. We've also liked the grilled pork specials when they've had them. Our usual strategy is to share a few things off the specials board or regular kitchen menu to tide us over until the sushi arrives.

      In addition to the grilled items, seaweed salad and agedashi dofu (especially in cold weather) are staples for us, or miso soup when I want something warm and savory but a little lighter to start. My DC is also a fan of their flan for afters, though by then I'm not up for more than a taste.

      1. I agree with the other reviewers. I would go to Toraya just for the tongue. It is delicious and many times I order two orders of it. The chicken hearts are also good as is their version of Age Dashi Tofu.

        1. The hearts are fantastic. I've only had them once, but loved them. The waitress told me the seasoning was Brazilian, but not sure if that's how they still make them.

          1. Finally made it to Toraya tonight; 1st ones there so ordered quickly, knowing the rush would soon be on.Hamachi kama- yellowtail collar- grilled- was big hit with My Love generous portion, less $ than Sushi Island.The agedashi tofu was the main thing on my mind. This version was def better than SI but , as mentioned by some other yelp reviewers, a bit on the salty side. Most surprisingly, the fried tofu (and our accompanying plate of tempura) were shamefully fried in old /saturated oil. Needless to say, this was not a good thing. I mentioned it to the waitress and asked if our order of tempura fried shrimp filled lotus root- could be done in fresh oil. Answer from kitchen was No. Maybe fry it in a small pan? No. So we canceled that order. Too bad; sounded nice, certainly unusual. I must say, I have never seen Tempura veggies like these in a life of eating Tempura. Let's just say they looked pitiful, like the last small scraps of vegetables left on earth. Both the nabeyakiudon(sp) and the chawanmushi were delicious. The latter, a light egg custard filled with mushrooms, different bits of seafood, is both very refreshing and very satisfying on a cool night. It's cooked and served in a lidded porcelain bowl,and it amazes me how hot it is upon arrival and how long it stays hot( warning here; ya gotta wait!)My nigiri was fine. The yamakake, one of my fav dishes, was good but somehow lacked the specialness of SI . I think it was because of the tuna.I think SI makes it (as it is usually made) with toro but Toraya only had maguro so that's what they used.
            Prices were very reasonable; staff were nice.

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              Surprised about the tempura--my experience, though it only consists of a couple orders, has been that it is excellent.

              1. re: emannths

                i think it really blew my mind tht they wouldn't do anything about it, so i don't think we will return. going to try gensushi in belmont, next. Sushi Island is the go-to for sushi but not for agedashi tofu.

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  Could have been an off night; I usually have consistently excellent food there, including agedashi tofu. We always get a side of Japanese pickles to pass the time.

                  For me it's chirashi, for my wife it's a bento.

                  Don't give up.