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Jan 8, 2012 10:03 PM

Sedona with 4 yr old suggestions

Headed to Sedona for a couple of nights, soon. Will be a well-behaved (or sufficiently distracted--thank you ipad) 4 yr old and his foodie parents. Looking for excellent food in a casual/lively environment. A place that takes reservations would be great.

Elote sounds like a board favorite, but for the 'arrive right at 5:30' comments. We'll be arriving from PHX one evening and day triping to GCNP the other, so I'm thinking that it won't work out as perfectly as I'd like. We'll be doing the cowboy experience dinner in PHX, so no need for a kitschy steakhouse (unless it's a hellava steak). Breakfast and lunch options also welcome. No specific cuisine in mind, although I do enjoy regional cuisine...when in Rome. Coming from Seattle so probably not seafood or Asian specifically. We'll be staying at El Portal.

Would also love a recommendation on where we could pick up boxed lunches or picnic supplies for our Grand Canyon outing. Sounds as if selection is scarce once in/near the park. On the way or near Williams, AZ would work also.


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  1. If you can get there by 4:30 - really - Elote is kid friendly and the best Mexican food that you'll find just about anywhere. It opens at 5 and one of you could stand in line while the other two wander the grounds(it's in a small hotel). The Mesa Grill at the Sedona airport is a nice breakfast place - it's right next to the runway and you (especially your little guy) can watch the small planes land and take off. We like Dan's Bistro and Heartline Cafe for both lunch and dinner. Dan's is b.y.o.b - in AZ grocery stores sell alcohol and both Basha's and Safeway have good selections. Heartline has some outside tables, which are great on a sunny winter day! I think that they do box lunches. Both take reservations and are fairly close to your hotel. Enchantment resort would be nice for lunch- spectacular location. On the non fine dining end of the spectrum, Losbetos offers good, fresh, basic Mexican food at a dine in/drive through place in the Village of Oak Creek. If you're driving up from Phoenix, you'll go through V.O.C. on your way into Sedona and Losbetos is on the right, behind Subway and next to the Giant gas station. Enjoy!

    1. We go to Sedona at least once or twice a year and I cannot stress enough about Elote Cafe..
      It is sublime and I'm not a 5:30 wait in line kind of chick but the blood orange marg's do help but the food is off the chain.

      Cowboy Club in town is quite good and has the cowboy theme of the best cheeseburger I've ever had.

      Wildflower Bread Company or Coffee Pot for breakfast..
      Garland Lodge for dinner is fab and they only take a select number of outside guests..the staff is so wonderful!

      Lunch at Yavapai at the Enchantment Resort..someone said they are in the remodel stage, if so, bag it..the key is the floor to ceiling windows at the red rock..great spot, call ahead for reservations so the guard will have you on the list...stunning resort and great hike nearby.

      Oaxaca Mex in town is decent..not bad for breakfast/lunch.
      Safeway has a great deli for picnic supplies.

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        For those of us who don't have little ones (ours are now big ones!), how late does Elote serve dinner? Their website doesn't seem to list a closing time.

      2. Thanks for the recommendations! The runway tip is excellent, the little guy will love it.

        Elote and our potential for missing out almost has me staying another day in Sedona. Maybe we'll cruise by when we return from the Grand Canyon and see how the wait is. But looks like we have alternatives, if not.

        Would you recommend making reservations on a February week night? Don't know how normal restaurant traffic is. Don't want to end up eating average food because of not planning, but at the same time would really like to have the flexibility of not having a reservation to make.

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        1. re: ethereal

          I don't believe that Elote takes reservations..that is why it's so busy as soon as it opens.
          Make sure that Feb week night isn't Valentine's day..

          1. re: Beach Chick

            Beach Chick's spot on - no reservations at Elote and on Valentine's Day restaurants are likely to be busy. Otherwise, most places will probably be delighted to see you on a slow February night. If you're coming back late from the Grand Canyon and are tired and hungry, you might want to stop for dinner in Flagstaff - there are plenty of Flag recommendations on this board. If you don't get to Elote and are returning to Phoenix, Los Sombreros in Scottsdale is also very good.

            1. re: janeh

              We'll be in Scottsdale for Vday. And will likely specifically choose that evening to pick up BBQ to eat in or visit Rawhide (something decidedly not romantic). Sedona is the 8th snd 9th. Maybe we'll cruise by Elote to see how the wait is and decide on somewhere near by if the wait is unreasonable.

              Any suggestions for a nearby (walking) fallback? Thanks!