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Jan 8, 2012 08:02 PM

Seattle - April

Hi Seattle Chowhounders:

Is the second week in April a good time to visit Seattle as far as eating & sightseeing???? Looking for a spring break destination....not sure if April is a good time to visit Seattle & eat our way through??? Should we avoid Seattle in April??

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  1. It's no worse than any other time. We have two seasons here -- Winter and August.

    1. In April, spring has sprung, with highs in the fifties (with zigs of bright heat and zags of dismal cold), and lows i the forties. Rain averages 2.5 inches (about half the worst winter months and twice the summer bests). Rain around here, that time of year, mostly falls as drizzle. Sometimes days and days and weeks of drizzle, punctuated by warm, bright days, with silver light. Daily spritzing total is rarely over 1/10 of an inch, so ordinary clothing is usually OK, but do read the weather forecast, as big storms do come along every few years.
      Our driest months (typically under 1 inch of precipitation) are June, July, and August. The daylight hours get longer until te summer solstice, in June (Fremont Solstice Parade, in June, is rarely wet, though reliable dry doesn't kick-in til 2 or 3 weeks after July 4. It makes perfect sense to me to make plans to deliver calories to the inside, to make up for the ones weather fails to deliver to the outside.

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        Mr. Nelso, It is my understanding that a native Seattlite can differentiate 38 shades of grey. (Most visitors notice only 10 or 12 shades.) I personally think it's best to plan your day around which foods will contrast well with the most dominate shade that day and use Sriracha sauce as a natural brightener...

      2. We went last year at the end of May and found that in Seattle you wear layers because it varies. Also make sure you stop at Quinn's.

        1. As for eating, I believe April will bring the next restaurant week, which can be easier on the budget (though RW can get hectic and is not always a plus). Weather - expect gray and drizzly and be happy any moment it isnt.

          1. april is an especially lovely time to visit seattle - decent hours of daylight, the tulip fields are in their glory, the forests are lush and the waterfalls at their best, the chances of dry days are excellent, there is asparagus and morels and ramps and fiddleheads (and maybe the first cherries) in the market and the dreaded (but necessary...) cruise ships are not yet omnipresent

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              April is a bit early for WA cherries, but there should definitely be asparagus and rhubarb. I don't know if I ever get local stone fruit before May. (sigh)