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Jan 8, 2012 07:36 PM

Commander's Palace or Gautreaus?

Planning food experience for Nola, in February- post Mardi Gras. Will be in town Thurs - Sunday. Hope to get into Green Goddess Thurs evening as soon as plane touches down. Brigsten's is on wishlist for Friday. Not sure about Saturday dinner. Contemplating CP, it's been several years and visits to NOLA that we have dined at CP, or should we try Gautreaus?

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  1. Gautreau's is a great restaurant with a very good chef. It is not particularly "New Orleans Cuisine", it is food you can get in any semi large city in America.Go to the website and check out the menu.

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      After reading your reply and previous postings, think I'll be making reservations at CP. Thanks!