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Jan 8, 2012 07:28 PM

Puerto Vallarta: Cafe Des Artistes or Hacienda San Angel

We want to do one nice dinner in PV this weekend for my boyfriend's 30th. I have reservations at Cafe Des Artistes but am reading some negative reviews about the declining quality of the food. What are your thoughts on Cafe Des Artistes v. Hacienda San Angel or any other upscale restaurant? Thanks!!

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  1. Obviously a very personal kind of decision. Hacienda San Angel I think is a romantic kind of place with a great view south, excellent food and service. Cafe des Artistes is really two restaurants. One general that serves a typical intrnational menu in a very nicely decorated rom. The second is Cocina de Autor the "gourmet" section with a flexible tasting menu. No city view in either section. Both have an outdoor area one a garden the other a patio but it's cool this year so indoor is better. The only other upscale indoor restaurant in PV that would qualify is Bianca Blue with a beautiful room great menu and excellent service.

    As I say a very personal decision. Be sure to post your decision and the result.

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      Thank you! I think we are going to give Cafe Des Artistes a go so we won't wonder...I will let you know how it is!