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Jan 8, 2012 07:10 PM

Best bakery in South Jersey?

I have a fantasy that there is a great bakery just a short drive from me that uses real butter! Please, can anyone tell me its true? Is there a great bakery in South Jersey? I'm looking for a place to order a special birthday cake, nothing really unusual just a good light and delicious cake with real butter. Anyone? i'm in Burlington County.

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  1. Not sure where you are in Burlington, but here are a few suggestions:
    In Westhampton there is Old World Bakery and Cafe. They offer cakes and bread. Be prepared for rude service, fyi. But the cakes are really excellent, but fancy. Not sure about a birthday cake from here, since we're never had one.
    In Burlington there is an old fashioned bakery with very good breakfast items (danish, muffins, etc). It sells a full selection of cakes as well, and it not a 'fancy' type bakery, but a full service bakery with a wide selection. Once again, don't know specifically about the birthday cakes, but I have seen people getting them and they look really nice.

    LM Bakery in Delran is out of the way, and offers a smaller selection. Their cupcakes are very good and I always see lots of people picking up birthday cakes. PS, the donuts are excellent here, and I know they use real butter in the cookies.

    1. McMillan's Bakery is Westmont has tons of stuff to die for. Amazing donuts, but also very good cakes(e.g., buttercream). They will do almost any type of traditional cake that you ask for I believe.

      Also, Randolph's bakery in Marlton makes a very good cake. Had a 3/4 sheet cake for a party and ate roughly 2/3 of it over the next few weeks.

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        Agree about McMillans for donuts....they are the best around. But their cookies are terrible, and the muffins just so so. The danish and sticky buns are also excellent. Bit of a ride if you are from Burlington County, though.