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Jan 8, 2012 06:27 PM

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia-Recommendations

Visiting family from Canada......looking for all Malay, Chinese, local quality skip traffic to KL
Terimah kasih

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  1. Greenview for seafood, Ipoh Kway Teow in SS2, Kayu for Nasi Kandar and Roti Tisu nearby. Please Google for addresses and numbers as I do not know the addresses - just know how to get there.

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      Thanks.....will let you know how it goes

    2. We just had an excellent seafood dinner at Pantai Seafood......put it at the top of your list!

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        Good to hear. I was there sometime last year and really liked it, too:

        Pantai Seafood Village
        Jalan Cempaka, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400, MY

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          ...just back for last night in KL.....still a TOP choice

      2. Just tried the Dr Coffee in Citta Mall.....great coffee!!!!!! I was surprised to find such quality

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          Malaysia has a strong coffee culture - and meetings at Hainanese-Chinese-run "kopitiams" (coffeeshops) or Indian-run "Mamak" stalls for a morning cuppa are the norm amongst Malaysian office workers, or just about anyone who's out and about. So, for the locals here, it's not too big of a jump towards modern cafe culture - and Malaysians do appreciate good, strong coffee in all its forms. Close to where I'm staying in Bangsar Village, I get good coffee from Plan B (their coffee beans are from Prahran market in Melbourne, Australia), Espressamente (using Illy coffee beans), and Antipodean (NZ-owned, but sourced theirbeans from various sources). Even chains like Ben's General Store served good coffee.

          Most Malaysians liked their coffee very much sweetened though - especially in the Indian "Mamak" stalls, or Indian restaurants like Sri Nirmala Maju, Saravana Bhavan and Sri Ananda Bahwan in Bangsar/PJ area. You can ask for "Kopi, kurang manis" (white coffee, less sweet) or "Kopi, tak mau gula" (white coffee, no sugar). If you want your coffee black - say "Kopi-Orh" (black coffee).

          In Singapore, where most folks prefer less sugar these days, we used the Hainanese term "Siew Tai" to mean less sugar. In Singapore, we can also order "Kopi-C", which uses evaporated milk instead of the de rigeur sweetened, condensed milk - though most Hainanese coffee places will still inadvertently add sugar to the drink. My fave is "Kopi-C, Siew Tai", which is white coffee using evaporated milk, with just a smidgen of sugar. I found out when I moved out to KL last year that the Hainanese term "Siew Tai" (which was oh-so-common in Singapore) was not used at all in Malaysia, despite the fact that most traditional "kopitiams" in Malaysia (from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu in the north, and Johore Bharu in the south) are Hainanese-run! :-D