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Jan 8, 2012 04:50 PM

Places for brunch in Rockland county

I am looking to celebrate my mother in laws 80th birthday this spring . She lives in Rockland county and although I have checked previous posts on this topic they were from years ago & I'm not sure which restaurants are still open. There will be six adults and I would love to take her somewhere there is a leisurely weekend brunch and somewhat quiet atmosphere.

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    1. re: stevec418

      Bully Boy Bar, or Restaurant X as it's better known. Definitely a great place for a leisurely brunch. For something fancier with a normal menu, Xaviar's in Piermont does lunch on Sunday -

      You can get gift cards at a 20% discount at Costco, if you're a member.

      Also the Restaurant X brunch page seems to be missing.

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      1. You need reservations for Restaurant X... they have 2 seatings 11:30am i think and 1pm. It's $35/pp.

        Aquaterre in Pearl River is $19.90 for unlimited brunch and $5.95 for unlimited mimosas.

        Google "Brunch Guide: Rockland County Brunch Spots"

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        1. re: nikkirussoxo

          Restaurant X only seems to have 1 seating at 1pm and it is booked until March 10th. And I suspect it's $38, same as X2O.

        2. 76 House in Tappan is lovely. Brunch is sedate, (mostly older crowd) in a beautiful environment. Lovely brunch menu. Looks like a good match for what you want!