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Jan 8, 2012 04:35 PM

Lunch recommendations In North Scottsdale?

What are a few must try casual lunch venues in North Scottsdale? Looking for:

1) Sushi
2) Southwest cuisine
3) Soup & sandwich
4) Pizza
5) Microbrewry
6) your personal favorite

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  1. Cafe Bink is just north of N. Scottsdale, in Carefree, and is my lunch choice when I'm in that area. This is the more casual restaurant of Chef Kevin Binkley of Binkley's restaurant fame, run by his chef wife Amy.

    You can easily combine this with a trip to the Heard Museum in N. Scottsdale, if that's of interest.

    1. 1. Sushi- Roka Akor (although I'm not sure if it is open for lunch). Stingray is definitely open for lunch and pretty darn good- Scottsdale Quarter
      2. Southwest- Not sure- Cantina Laredo in Scottsdale Promenade is decent; I'll leave others to vote on this one, as it's not really my strong suit.
      3. Soup & Sandwich- On the high end, Greene House in Kierland Commons. On the lower end, Miracle Mile Deli for an outrageously unhealthy but delicious pastrami sandwich- it's located in the Scottsdale Promenade. Even lower-end and chain-y is Wildflower Bread Company- I think for a chain, they have some fantastic stuff
      4. Pizza- Grimaldi's in Scottsdale Quarter
      5. Microbrewery- Four Peaks without question
      6. Personal Favorite- True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale Quarter

      1. 1) Sushi - There is a lot to choose from. Hiro Sushi is the best fish, but if you are a "rolls" person Pure Sushi is decent. Roka Akor is excellent as well as Shinbay, but both really pricey and not really lunch spots.
        2) Southwest cuisine - Blanco Tequila and Tacos is a good spot not too far from N. Scottsdale.
        3) Soup & sandwich - +1 for Greene House and North. Zinc Bistro is excellent French bistro with great soup and sandwich. These are higher end, so on the workingman's side all delis in N. Scottsdale stink or are ridiculously expensive IMO.
        4) Pizza - Humble Pie, hands down. Grimaldi's is not bad. North has good pizza, but not a "pizza" place.
        5) Microbrewry - ++++Four Peaks. BTW, great pizzas and soups and sandos.
        6) your personal favorite- no crazy favs for N. Scottsdale. If we are talking Tempe, Phx, Mesa, and so on... there are a ton of lunch spots that are must trys.

        1. Agree with Humble Pie.

          I go to Pita Jungle more often than anywhere else, but, I have other reasons for eating there (price, health). I can't eat my favorite food every day.

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            Pita Jungle is solid. Really like both the Scottsdale and Desert Ridge locations. Actually prefer the Desert Ridge Humble Pie, odd, but it just is a little better all the way around.