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Jan 8, 2012 03:10 PM

Reasonably priced strip restaurant for a small birthday group

I'm going to Vegas with my brother and some friends for his 29th Birthday. Our parents will be there one of the nights and want to treat us all to dinner for his birthday, but they dont want a place that will break the bank paying for about 10 people.

I am looking for a place that will be fun for late 20 year olds, preferably on the strip so we can gamble/walk around after that will be in the $20 per entree range (excluding drinks).


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  1. $20 per person is near-impossible these days, have you noticed the price of drinks, beer and wine?
    You could consider a place like Canaletto at the Venetian or Il Fornaio at NYNY, since Italian food/ pizza etc is good for sharing/ passing around, but you'd have to give your brother and his friends the heads up that it is gonna be frugal-ordering time.

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      Yeah I figured $20-$30 for food and drink would be pushing it. But lets say a place with entrees that average around $20, excluding drinks. Anything else you would suggest for that?

    2. You might want to look at the menus at China Poblano and Holstein's at the Cosmo and see if either appeals to you. Both have a certain coolness factor in one of the younger-feeling Strip hotels, and are not crazy expensive.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'm checking them out.

        Does anyone suggest Mon Ami Gabi?

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          Mon Ami Gabi is a good choice; however, the dinner prices are going to be over the $20 per entree you want to spend.

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            It doesn't seem that bad from the menu they have online for dinner:


            Most of the entrees hover around $20, with mostly the steaks being around $25.

            1. re: eddib

              Nice place, great food, but it looks like a lot of their menu is a la carte. So the trout is $19, but mashed potatoes with that another $3.50 and a vegetable adds another $4. So definitely closer to the $30 mark, plus drinks, birthday cake, whatever, you're talking $50pp easily. How about going to one of the better buffets, those will run $25-$35 per person but no surprises.

              1. re: jackattack

                Their menu is not ala carte. Everything comes with frites unless otherwise specified. I think you can substitute for the frites.

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                  Which buffet would you suggest at that price range? I heard the one at the cosmopolitan is pretty good.

                  1. re: eddib

                    The Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmo runs closer to $40pp , same with Bellagio and Wynn buffets. The lines can be quite long, though you might phone some buffets to see if any would reserve a table if your party is 10 persons.

                    Spice market Buffet at Planet Hollywood, Monte Carlo's Buffet, and the Cravings Buffet at Mirage all run in the $25 range and are very good. Again though, you'd have to phone ahead to notify them that you're bringing a party of ten.

                    Il Fornaio (Italian) in NYNY is a good choice for a group, and there is also Chin Chin Chinese, Chinese is usually not too pricey for a group if everyone likes chinese food.

              2. re: Eric

                It's fantastic... worth the money.

            2. Thanks everyone! We ended up going to Moni Ami Gabi and we had a great time. The food was great, nice ambiance and a view of the Bellagio fountains. For 7 people, with two bottles of wine and a few side items, it came out to about $370, so more than we wanted to spend but it was worth it.

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                Thanks so much for reporting back. Glad MAG worked out for you.