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Jan 8, 2012 02:53 PM

Formal attire dining within 20m of Albany?

My wife and I are looking for good restaurants where we won't be out of place in formal attire, preferably with a relaxed ambience. These are all I've found. If I'm missing any let me know (or if I should avoid any of these):

Mohonk Mountain House
Basement Bistro
Turf Terrace
George Mann Tory Tavern
Chianti El Ristorante

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  1. I'm not familiar with Mohonk, Turf or George Mann.

    I have not been to Marche at 74 State in some time. The dining room is darker than it looks on their web site (unless it's been renovated since I went).

    Chianti's (Italian) is "casual dress."

    Of the others, Prime (steakhouse) is the most upscale. Dress code is "smart casual." When we go SO usually wears a jacket. There's also Prime 677 in downtown Albany.

    The Basement Bistro may take years to get a reservation.

    I'd also add Yono's. Dress code is "jacket preferred." Yono's is the closest I've found to "fine dining" in the Capital District. Yono's also has a casual restaurant, dp. dp has a more relaxed vibe than Yono's.

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