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Jan 8, 2012 02:20 PM

London - Jose @ Bermondsey Street

Jose on Bermondsey Street was one of those places where one needed to come very early, to avoid the queue to get in and, if you're lucky, you get to sit whilst you eat. Many are content to just stand (cheek by jowl) whilst eating in this elbow-room-only eatery.

The food - Spanish tapas bar classics. Our choice:

- Albondigas (meatballs blanketed with tomato sauce;

- Crisp, salted almonds;

- Tortilla - slivers of perfectly c;ooked potatoes held together with just that enough egg;

- Prawns in garlic, chillis. The prawn-heads were left on - not surprising as all the flavors were concentrated there;

- Iberico pork medallions, which were medium-rare discs of porky goodness ;-)

A return visit was necessary to try other choices on their menu.

104 Bermondsey St, London SE1, GB

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  1. The tortilla was probably the best I've had there so far, was wondering if we had just picked the right time - early lunch, when the stuff was possible fresher.

    I like the prawns, but I think the previous ones I've had there were better - more robust garlic aroma and chilli flavour. Noticed that the chef is spending more time at the newer Pizarro than Jose, don't know if that's a factor.

    The patatas bravas at the other end of the bar looked pretty good, will probably have to get that. Been there more than half a dozen times, and can't believe I still haven't tried it.

    1. The original comment has been removed