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Jan 8, 2012 02:13 PM

Basilico de buffala pizza @ Eco, Clapham, London

Very good pizza - an even thin crunchy crust, not dark with scorch marks but with a fairly even dark brown,. A pretty good tomato sauce with a nice shading of garlic, fairly nice cheese, and exceptional fresh mozzarella di buffala, torn into bite-sized piece scattered over the pizza, along with leaves of basil that seemed ever so slightly muted to me. The sauce and toppings go out to near the edge and the doughy rim on the edge is much thinner than most and very chewy with a pleasant flavour, even without too much salt speaking. Olive oil is ok, does add a bit flavour and richness, but not the most aromatic I've had.

Any relation to the Eco pizza in Brixton that several posters have mentioned years ago?

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  1. here's another place thats been on my list for ages:

    do keep it mind next time you are in west london

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      Absolutely - there's been a mention a while back:

      Will have to combine with a bunch of places as suggested by zedman_1.