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Jan 8, 2012 02:05 PM

sheva brachot

need a good place for sheva brachot preferably bklyn. reasonable-- for about 30 people. either meat or dairy

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  1. Try the new Essex on Coney - i think it's called Essen - or Yunkee. They both have special sheva berachot packages and private simcha rooms for the party.

    1. Yunkee has great food. I also attended a S.B. at Benny's restaurant, on Ocean Avenue off Ave M. The food was quite tasty and I'm told the rates were very reasonable. Another option with more exotic food is Moshi Moshi, the Japanese restaurant on Coney Island Avenue.

      1. Orchidea Restaurant in Boro Park also does a really nice job and the food is delicious.

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          I've heard private parties at Orchidea are done very well, but pricey. Try Cafe Venezia- they have an upstairs room for parties.