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Jan 8, 2012 01:52 PM

London - 40 Maltby Street

Maltby Street, where I understood was the spot where dissenting ex-Borough Street Market traders congregated, wasn't exactly what I'd pictured in my mind. Instead of a mini-Borough Market clone of sorts, it looked like a very "industrial" back-lane with shops (including quite a number of motor workshops & other junkyard types) occupying arches beneath a railway line.

40 Maltby Street - a wine bar which serveds surprisingly quite good food - was located near the end where a queue coffee-lovers snake out the door of Monmouth Coffee (Maltby St branch).

Our food:

- Cooked Yorkshire ham

- Fennel, tardivo and orange salad

- Ricotta gnocchi with lamb ragu

I particularly enjoyed the gnocchi - creamy spheres of sheer deliciousness, bathed in an intensely deep ragu gleaned from slow-stewing.

The ham was super-scrumptious.

40 Maltby Street
40 Maltby St, London SE1, GB

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  1. Yeah - another big vote for the gnocchi - they probably put in as minimal an amount of flour in that gnocchi as possible, to create that creamy yet light texture.

    I really liked the occasional crunchy sugar on the surface of the ham that played off the salty savoury flavours.

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      Caulflower croquettes were lovely - creamy and flavoursome, with a good crunchy surface. The ham was as good as I remember, nice fatty bits, hint of clove, and lovely sweetness and saltiness.

      1. re: limster

        Good to see this wonderful little spot maintaining its standards.