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Jan 8, 2012 01:47 PM

Dinner at Galatoire's, question

We decided to do dinner instead of lunch at Galatoire's. Should I make a reservation for the upstairs, or just show up and try to get seated downstairs? Does it matter as much at dinner? We will be going on a Friday night, probably about 6 or 7. We've been there for lunch, and we sat downstairs. Is there as big a difference in atmosphere for dinner? We loved our lunch there!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Make a reservation for upstairs. When you arrive, say "We have a reservation, but if there's a table available downstairs, we'd prefer that." At 6, you should be okay, maybe not at 7.

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      And on Friday there's still a big show at dinner time. If anything, the show has gotten exponentially bigger.

      1. re: kukubura

        Now it looks like we have to change it to Sunday. Kermit Ruffins is at the Blue Nile on Friday at 8, and we love him! We may stop by to see if they can squeeze us in early, but if not we'll try Sunday. Has anyone been there for Sunday dinner?

        1. re: beck123

          Sunday evenings are usually very pleasant. the Church Crowd leaves in the middle of the afternoon and most folks are getting ready for work the next day so it can be wonderfully peaceful. Of course An Event queers the deal. Say, f'rinstance, yesterday. There is something going on in town today...I think it is a game of some sort.