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Jan 8, 2012 01:44 PM

Looking for a Vancouver Sommelier for a private wine tasting party

Hi Chowhounders!

I'm organizing a small party, and I was hoping to do a wine tasting with some instruction. I'd like each guest to bring a bottle of wine. I would provide a private location for the party, and my own catering (cheese & charcuterie).

Ideally, I am looking for a sommelier to give us some direction for buying the wine, and then provide tutorial during the wine tasting. The Traveling Gourmet in West Vancouver is one option, but they're more of a catering & wine-tasting service, and tend to cater larger parties. Sommeliers employed at area restaurants are generally not available, or prohibitively expensive.

Any suggestions or referrals?

thanks a bunch!

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      1. I have a sommelier friend who does formal wine instruction (WSET courses) and hosts the Fine Vintage wine club sessions. He is quite charming and very informative. This is right up his alley.. You can reach him at Tell him "Suzanne" sent you.

        1. Some of the private wine stores might have staff interested in this. Sheila at Firefly would be one that comes to mind. Previously mentioned Kurtis Kolt is another that might be interested as well.

          You might also want to email the Art Institute WSET instructors to see if they could forward the idea to their students. Most of the students in the group are industry pros and extremely knowledgeable. Worth a try perhaps.

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            Just for reference: Kurtis Kolt runs the East Van Wine Academy at the Waldorf:

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              Lots of good suggestions here but my vote goes for House Wine as well.

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                So helpful! Thanks for the feedback everybody! House Wine is *pricey* ($200-$300 more than any other source I've contacted so far), but I have lots of options now.

                thanks a bunch, Chowhounders!

          2. Maybe Robin Kort from Swallow Tail?