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Recipes using candied ginger?

Hi folks,

I just baked a bunch of cinnamon and candied ginger scones, but I still have about a cup's worth of candied ginger. It'd be great if I could make something different than scones with what's left. Wondering if anyone has a recipe that uses candied ginger?


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      1. These ginger spice cookies are terrific. I use 3/4 cup butter in them, instead of shortening and butter, and roll them in turbinado sugar. They always get compliments.


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          I've made these Caitlin...they are totally deserving of the 96% approval rating...absolutely delicious!

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            I agree ... these are great! And I use all butter too.

          2. 101 cookbooks has an excellent triple ginger cookie recipe--pretty healthy, too. (Compared to normal cookies.)
            Also I made a cranberry relish once that used candied ginger.

            1. Added to home brewed hot or sun tea; adds a nice zip
              Added to ice cubes for cocktails
              Cooked down a bit with a small amt. of apple juice to create a quick jam.
              Tossed into Greek yogurt & enjoy!

              With a cup to use up, I'd go simple.

              1. This bundt cake is fab:
                I've never bothered with the strawberries.. cake is fantastic on its own..

                1. similar to other cookies mentioned:


                  I love snacking on candied ginger, good stomach aches.

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                    i keep mine in the freezer - it firms up a bit but doesn't get rock hard, and something about the cooling sensation is really soothing when i'm sick to my stomach.

                  2. These ginger-lemon bars have wonderful flavor, but the best part is their dense, moist, chewy texture. They're almost like petit fours: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/re...

                    1. 1) Drop piece of candied ginger in mug of hot tea. Drink tea. Eat ginger for dessert.

                      1. Thanks, all, for your ideas. I think I'll venture into making some chutney with it to go with a pork roast or something. :)

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