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Jan 8, 2012 12:06 PM

Good, well-priced meat market in East Bay/Tri-Valley

Anyone know of such a place? I just got a small Brinkmann smoker for Xmas and want to start using it, but might as well go for the full experience with some supreme meat, right?

Looking for a place with a nice variety of meat at a decent price.

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  1. Costco's pork butts are great for smoked pulled pork.

    Lots of smoking info can be found on the web.

    Just make sure you give yourself plenty of 8-10 hours and use oak,cherry,hickory or apple but never mesquite wood.

    mesquite is for grilling not smoking.

    And use a internal thermometer because you may freak out when the "bark" on the outside starts to get really dark. and "pull it" to soon...pardon the pun.

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    1. re: Mission

      "mesquite is for grilling not smoking.'

      In your opinion only.

      In many parts of Texas, mesquite is THE choice for smoking.

      1. re: epicurious_sf

        i was talking to the owner of a local bbq who is from Texas who said the reason mesquite is used so much in Texas is that there's just a lot of it around and that's why people use it for whatever. She prefers hickory for smoking.

        1. re: rworange

          Lazzari sells mesquite wood and chips, so there must be some people using it, though when you say "mesquite" around here I think most people assume you're talking about charcoal.

    2. Haven't been in a while, but I have long been a fan of Lawrence's Walnut Creek Meat Co., which is actually in Alamo. They have a large variety of high-quality meats at a reasonable price, and helpful customer service.

      1. For a good general butcher shop with good prices I like Lunardis. Prices are quite reasonable. I do alot of home smoking and tend to get most meat from Costco including whole chickens, salmon, ribs and sometimes boneless pork butt. Bone in pork butt can also be obtained cheaply from Safeway usually. I have bought whole briskets in a bag with intact fat cap from Lunardis, but I have also seen them cheaper at Costco at times. Trimmed briskets are good at Costco, but not ideal for a long smoke. I also get turkey legs from Lunardis which I love to smoke. Still looking for great beef ribs. I am often disappointed with the available (often pre frozen) ribs available.

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        1. re: slipson

          I'm not that big of a fan of Lunardi's. I think they are on the expensive side without the quality to match.

          I guess i should get used to doing this with our soon to be nuked restaurant database.

          "Restaurants" Database To Be Eliminated

          Address, phone nunber, website, etc can be found on yelp

          Here's the location info for Lawrence's

          Searching the category 'meat shops' on yelp turns up Kinders which I like less than Lombardis

          Another thought is to check out the Mexican or Chinese markets that sell meat in your area. Usually it is good quality meat at good prices.

        2. Kelly's Meat Market in Livermore has always been a big favorite of mine. Great service, will take special orders and always have a little bit of meat to taste when you are shopping

          Kelly's Meat Markets of Livermore & San Ramon
          74 S L St
          Livermore, CA 94550

          (925) 447-0765

          1. Good and locally-grown meat can be found at
            The Local Butcher Shop: 1600 Shattuck Ave. Ste. 120 Berkeley, CA 94709 (entrance on Cedar)

            Tuesday – Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
            Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm

            Phone Number:
            510-845-6328 (MEAT)

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            1. re: katemagruder

              TLBS has some fabulous stuff, but it's priced accordingly.