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Jan 8, 2012 11:40 AM

Promising lunch at Charchaels

Knowing of my penchant for all things wings and dogs, a couple of friends independently mentioned Charchaels in Thornwood as must-try. I stopped n today for a quick bite between kid drop offs/pick ups and was not disappointed. It's just down the road from Khan's Grocery.

The restaurant is a small storefront with 5-6 tables with the chef/owners doing the cooking. I ordered a dog ($1.95, includes 3 toppings) and a sampler of six wings ($3.99). The cashier asked me if I wanted my dog boiled or split and grilled, a good sign. Ten minutes later I was digging into a beautifully grilled hot dog, covered with freshly sauteed onions. The dog was served in a wonderfully fresh, split and lightly grilled bun. The wings, ordered hot, were big, meaty and crispy. The spiciness level was just right, on the hotter side of :"hot", served with blue cheese dressing and fresh celery.

I'll be back next weekend with family in tow to explore more of the menu: cheesesteak, all sorts of french fries and burgers. I'm reserving judgement until that meal but for quality at these prices, Charchaels' should have people lined up outside their door.

802 commerce
thornwood, ny

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  1. Any relation to the dog truck labeled "Charchaels" that sits at Route 134 and Route 100 in Millwood?

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      This place is great. Have never understood why it is so under the radar. Great Burgers and Dogs all freshly prepared with great toppings. They are an offshot of the truck on Rt. 100. Also great ice cream treats. Worth a visit

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Good spot. Chili dog and a boylan's black cherry or birch beer. Life is good.