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Jan 8, 2012 11:40 AM

Orlando update

We're heading to Orlando during Yeshiva week. Any suggestions regarding kosher eating establishments would be great (dairy and meat) . I hear there is a kosher stand in the park itself ? Also,if anyone knows how I can find out about a morning minyan ?

thanks in advance

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  1. Check out shamash - - they seem to be fairly up to date on kosher options -


      and I believe they have discounted tickets for Yeshiva week. Don't know if it's really a good deal.

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      1. re: cappucino

        thanks. I will report back after the trip .

      2. I'm going to be in Orlando next week. Can I get an update on kosher food? Is there a resteraunt? Deli etc.??

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        1. re: Cholent Fresser

          Two most popular restaurants: Cohen's Deli (my favorite) and Kosher Culinary. Both have websites if you google them.