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Jan 8, 2012 11:12 AM

F ottomanelli burgers in Woodside

One of the guys from ottomanelli butcher shop opened a burger place right down the block. Just ate there and was pretty impressed. They had a couple of different kinds of patties such as chipotle and roasted garlic. I went for a basic patty and ordered a bacon double cheeseburger, which was two 4 oz patties with cheddar cheese and a couple slices of bacon. I thought the meat was a little underseasoned, my wife thought hers was fine. Also, my two patties were at different temps, one medium, the other med-rare. The meat was definitely high quality and in the half hour I was there I saw two different people bringing in fresh meat from the butcher shop. The fries were delicious.

They've only been open for about a week, so there are definitely some kinks that need to be worked out. But I will definitely be back, the burger was tasty and the fries were great.

F. Ottomanelli Burgers & Belgian Fries
60-15 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have been eagerly awaiting it's opening since i first saw the sign up back when they were going to go into the space next to Cuckoo's Nest. I was going to stop in last night, but I had a cranky toddler in the stroller and while every table was filled, no one had any burgers yet. It looked like it was going to be a long wait. Today I read a comment on a review that said the wait was very, very long. Was that your experience? I would love to hear if anybody else has tried it.

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      They were definitely having some issues when I was there yesterday. We probably waited about 10 minutes for our burgers. Not sure what was causing it, but there was a pretty good stretch after we placed our order where nothing was coming out of the kitchen. So people who were there before us probably had a longer wait than we did. Once orders started coming out there was a decent flow. Seemed like pretty standard issues for a place that is still so new.

    2. I stopped by over the weekend and have mixed feelings. Obviously they're new and will be working out some kinks, but I don't know if the delay is just about being new. I mean, fast food places, good or bad, far as I understand, depend on thin burgers, and usually the kind that are cooked well done. These burgers are pretty thick, so I'd expect it to take an average of 8 minutes to cook, right? I think part of the style of place leads people to expect fast-food speed, and maybe that's what they're going for, or maybe it's a place to order a burger and expect it in about 10 minutes. Not quite McDonalds fast, but still a casual and relatively quick experience.

      I wonder also about the cooking temp. I had the 8oz, two burgers, and they were both nicely medium-rare, which is what I'd expect and hope for anyway, but I wasn't asked. If they don't ask people and consistently serve them that way, I wonder if people will complain. I know there are people who refuse to eat a burger if it's pink in the middle, and I expect people will go there thinking they're getting a high-end fast food burger, like Five Guys or something and be surprised to find medium-rare.

      As far as the taste of the burger, I had them once at the street fair and they were the same. They taste fresh and high-quality. Definitely not greasy or processed. They're flavorful but maybe a bit dense and dry, even being medium rare. I don't know if it's because the meat is lean or the juices are squeezed out. That's not a deal-breaker for me, I still liked it! Nice casual way to get a fresh burger with classic toppings like raw onion and pickles.

      The fries were decent...don't know how belgian they are, they seemed more like steak fries, not quite as thick as Donovans but thick. I know they're supposed to be thick, but that thick? They were good, but came unsalted. They should definitely salt them soon as they're out of the fryer. And some more sauces for the fries would be nice.

      I know this seems like a lot of complaints, but I feel pretty positive and hope they do well enough to stick around and find their footing.

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        I'm hoping they aren't going for fast food. I'd be more than happy to wait ten minutes for a good burger. Regarding the fries, I'm not really sure what makes a fry Belgian, but I liked them. Mine definitely had salt on them.

        1. re: donovt

          It was so so. I still prefer Donvan's up the block.

          57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

      2. Have yet to check them out, looking forward to it.
        BTW, I stopped by Molly Blooms in Sunnyside last week & loved, loved their burger, nice Guinness pour as well. Definitely giving Donovan's a run for their money & they are closer to me too. I'll give Ottomanelli's a week or 2 to work out the opening kinks & then try them.

        Molly Blooms
        43-13 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

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        1. re: Huck

          Yes Molly Blooms is a great choice also .