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Jan 8, 2012 10:43 AM

Recs on drive on I-10 from Las Cruces to Long Beach, CA

I'm travelling I-10 from Houston to Long Beach. On my second day, I'll probably be in Phoenix around lunchtime. Any suggestions for a delicious pit stop? Anywhere else along I-10 that I should be sure to visit?


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  1. See you already checked out Chope's in La Mesa. Worth adjusting your schedule if you are seeking some memorable experiences on your drive. Best dump I ever ate in!

    As for day 2, if it were me, and it's not Monday, I would adjust my schedule to be in Tucson for an early lunch and head for Cafe Poca Cosa, which opens at 11. Definitely a more 'houndworthy destination than any place I can think of for lunch in PHX.

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    1. Cafe Espana in Las Cruces' Hotel Encanto is an undiscovered gem.

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        Agreed. Your trip report lead me to both staying and eating there on my way through doing this same drive.

        And as I mentioned in your other thread on the Texas board, stopping in PHX for Pizzeria Bianca is certainly worthwhile.

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          Glad to hear it worked out for you!

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            Agreed... I would say that Bianco is on a par with Poca Cosa when it comes to 'houndworthiness. I am remiss...

        2. Thanks, guys! I think I have the Las Cruces area suggestions covered, and the Tucson rec sounds great. Any suggestions from Tucson to Long Beach for dinner?

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            I'm thinking there's nothing worth considering in Yuma, though I'd love to be proven wrong.

            Assuming you do up Poca Cosa right you should be able to make it to the Palm Desert area before you chow down again.

            Might want to post on the California board so your last leg can be covered.