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Jan 8, 2012 09:51 AM

Any DCS range owners out there?

I'm planning to replace my electric flat-top range with gas, and have pretty much decided on DCS as offering the best combination of features and value for money. But I can't decide whether to get the all-gas or dual fuel model. Either way this would be the 30" model.

Pluses for the all-gas: larger oven (4.6 vs 4.0 cf) and infrared broiler.

Pluses for the dual fuel: self-cleaning (the current all-gas doesn't offer that), and (reportedly) more even baking.

Could owners of one or the other please chime in with actual experiences?


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  1. We have had a 30 inch 5 burner all gas for about 7 years. My husband is the baker and has had no problems with the gas oven.He bakes bread and cakes and they turn out perfectly. I make cookies and no loss of quality. Meat and veggies cook fine.

    The main reason we went with all gas, was $1000 more for electric/self cleaning. If money isn't tight, I would go with self cleaning. It was not nice to go back to cleaning an oven. But as for cookiing in the oven, I don't see any difference. The gas does seem to take longer to reach the set point. We are very happy with our DCS.

    DCS was bought out after we got our stove. There was a little problem of who to call for repair after that. The new company did honor the warrenty. I would think that would all be worked out by now.

    1. last night's actual experience on DCS 305: broiler tried to burn house down billowing noxious smoke out of the back...constant problems with the ignitors multiple qualified techs couldnt resolve, back left burner is useless (click click click click) back right needs a match to light...punting on this 5 yr old POS and will have just a toaster to prepare food for my severely allergy restricted 2 yr old until a Capital can be installed I've read DCS hasn't been the same since they sold out to FP

      1. I have both types. Your summary of the differences is correct. In electric ovens in general, it is a dry heat, crusts get crisper. Combustion of gas emits water vaper, crusts are slightly less crisp, breads leaven slightly more. But differences are slight, maybe 5% if i had to quantify.
        When i am baking a lot i don't hesitate to use both ovens.
        Increased size of gas oven is helpful on occasion.

        1. ..of course if you're looking for some stainless bling to tie your trophy kitchen together and its going to get used once or twice a month to leaven some bread, I'm sure it will do just as fine as most

          1. Our fancy DCS died a horrible death. Fried it's computer brain out with all the power outages. Now have a Viking that doesn't even have a clock. Gas top, electric oven. No computer brain to fry. Just a good heavy stove.

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              Look at the current DCS lineup. No clocks, no computers, just knobs.

              A good working Viking is a great stove, but their repair record has been abysmal of late (not to denigrate your choice - if you don't have a lemon you're good to go, but I don't want to take the chance). I did major research before deciding, and my top three finalists were Wolf, DCS, and Capital. I know the Capital Culinarian has many fanatical supporters, but there were too many reports that you can't do a really low simmer on it without using a cast iron diffuser, and that's more important to me than super-hot burners. The Wolf and DCS are actually quite similar in functionality, but I don't feel like spending $1000 extra for a set of red knobs. So DCS it is.

              1. re: BobB

                My mistake,it was a high end Thermador that fried it's brain. The DCS outdoor grill is still limping along. And the repair and parts cost a pretty penny . Bottom line is if it is past it's warranty period, no matter what you buy it cost a lot to repair. And always make sure there is service from that particular brand in your area.

                1. re: meinNYC

                  Absolutely - we have a well-regarded local dealer, and I'll gladly spend a bit extra to ensure we have them backing it up.

                  1. re: BobB

                    Post this on gardenweb appliance forum too. There are some that have DCS and like them.

                    1. re: wekick

                      I have, thanks, in fact I went there first, and then decided to see if there were any DCS users here as well.

                      So far on all forums combined I have found only two dissatisfied DCS users, including ed5446 above. But given that every brand has someone who complains about it, that's a pretty small number. Unless I get a lemon (like it seems ed did) I think I'll be OK.