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Jan 8, 2012 09:23 AM

Bertazzoni vs. ?

Help!! My husband and I are seriously considering remodeling our 1925 home's kitchen. We love the look of the Bertazzoni Heritage range and have room for the 48". We really want the griddle feature. I don't know much about the brand and I'm nervous about spending a ton of money on something which isn't familar. We love the online look of the brand. There isn't a local showrrom which carries it so we will head to Atlanta to take a look. We would be open to any brand as long as the look is similar. Can anyone offer some guidance?

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  1. I'm in the market for a gas range myself, and being a tad OCD (and accustomed to doing research for my job), I spent a week studying the subject and reading everything I could find on the Web, then put all the information into a two-page spreadsheet comparing models by price, features, reported reliability, and the most commonly found complaints in the on-line reviews (and EVERYTHING gets some complaints, that's just the way of the world).

    I eliminated Bertazzoni early in the process - too many comments about it being great-looking but poorly constructed, kind of like an Italian sports car. The finalists in my search were Capital, DCS, and Wolf. Then I went to a couple of showrooms and looked at them close up. All three are solidly built. The Capital Culinarian has been getting a lot of hype lately as the closest thing you can get to a restaurant cooktop that's legal for home use, and it does have insanely hot burners (23,000 BTU), but I really don't see the point of that - if you want to do a very low simmer, you need to put a cast iron diffuser on top of the burner. The others have better control at very low heat and still get plenty hot enough to sear a steak or boil a big pot of water..

    In the end I decided to go with the DCS - it appears to perform very similarly to the Wolf, but is about $1000 less for the type of models I'm looking at. I talked to an appliance guy about this and he agreed - the Wolf is a better-known name and has those trademark red knobs, so they can get away with charging extra. I can live without red knobs.

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      Dear Bob,

      Thanks so much!! That is a huge help!! I just looked at the DCS's and will certainly consider those. I love the look of the Heritage Bertazzoni line, but there is no way that I will spend that kind of money with uncertain performance.
      Thanks Again!!

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        From a couple who finally got around to doing the serious kitchen makeover that we'd been hoping for the past 15 years, we spent almost a year researching options for our new appliances. Decided that our dream was to stay electric for our warming drawer, convection oven and combination speed oven/microwave while going to a workhorse gas range with convection oven/broiler. We looked at everything from Wolfe, DCS, Cornue, the Italian 'sportscar', Viking, as well as all the consumer report reviewed modest brands. We went to cooking events for 'unveiling' of new models and we went to a couple stores that allowed us to test drive the ranges (bring your own ingredients) to test fire the equipment. Ended up with a Bluestar range, simple no electronics workhorse built solidly with two insane 22k btu high heat burners that take a real round bottom wok directly into the cooktop that truly can sear and sauté like a commercial Garland or Vulcan range. Also fitted with one simmer only burner that is low enough to allow you to melt and temper chocolate without the need for a double boiler. Oven on the 36" range is huge and took a 28lb turkey at Thanksgiving with room to spare. All in all, thrilled with our choices and performance of the equipment. The Bluestar is a great responsive cook stove and the service to set it up, calibrate the burners, etc was first rate.