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Drinking with a straw..

I don't like straws and don't see the appeal like some..
Some cannot drink their drink unless they have a straw...for me, I want my lips to saddle up to the glass with the ice and cold drink blasting down the hatch.
I watched a woman order a drink and declare she was so thristy but didn't drink her drink until the waiter brought her a straw.

Am I missing something..what's the appeal of the straw...unless, it's to save your lipstick!

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  1. The people I used to work with insisted on straws with their drinks for hygienic reasons. You don't know who or what has touched the can or glass.

    I agree with you.

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      Been to enough dive bars around the world to only drink beer from a bottle..
      ; )

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        how do these people manage with coffee cups both china and paper?

      2. People who have had their teeth whitened have to use straws (I asked someone when they put a straw into a cup of hot coffee years ago) I'm unsure as to exactly why.

        I personally see straws as packaging/waste and that's why I don't use them.

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        1. re: Cathy

          I saw someone at a holiday party with a straw in their red wine glass..
          My DDS friend says it helps from red wine staining..

        2. Why worry? They might be wondering why you insist on drinking out of the glass.

          There are people who have painfully sensitive teeth who drink with a straw to help cut down on the pain they experience when drinking cold or hot drinks.
          Sometimes women don't want to trash their lipstick
          People who've had their teeth whitened.

          The list goes on and on...live and let live.

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          1. I use a straw when I eat out, not at home. It's a health precaution. Next time you are in a place where you can see glasses being filled from the soda dispenser (Fountain type, not a bar gun) watch the outside of all the glasses being touched to the metal bar. The assorted servers and bus people have handled the glasses, hopefully they've not put their fingers inside the glass.

            Worst is a buffet. Many states or localities have health rules/laws requiring a fresh plate for each trip to the buffet, but patrons are allowed to take their used glasses to the drink dispensers. So the cup that was in someoine's mouth is then pressed against the metal dispensing lever. YUKKKKK..............

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              Never thought about the cup double dipping with the drink dispenser...good one bagelman!

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                years ago my ex walked out of a chain buffet when she was refused a clean glass for refilling soda, told that the local health department only required that patron have clean dishes for each trip to the buffet.
                I was a town commissioner at the time and lobbied the district health offoce to change the regulations, After two years of lobbying, the regulations were changed. Servers no clear dirty plates and used glasses from the table at buffets in that district and clean ones are provided for refills.

            2. Obviously you've never blown bubbles into your drink with your straw. OMFG. SUPER FUN! <33333

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              1. People who drink soda and sometimes cocktails and coffee (yes, coffee!) with a straw generally do it to protect their teeth from the acids in the soda, alcohol and coffee.

                Sort of makes sense to me, and can't really blame them.

                1. I drink out of a straw because my teeth are sensitive to temperature. I use them out and at home and I am more likely to drink something warm with no straw than something very cold. However, since I loved iced tea and water with lots of ice, I use straws most of the time.

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                  1. I never considered the risk of germs from a soda dispenser. Sigh. Another thing to contemplate. Thanks for that bit of good news. :-)

                    I use a straw when 1) having sinus problems, which makes my teeth ultra sensitive to hot and cold; 2) drinking a messy beverage that is hard to drink without making a mess (I.e., milkshakes, frappe ions, etc.), or 3) drinking a beverage loaded with ice.

                    1. I agree with the OP, I enjoy a glass, not a plastic, and don't enjoy the raw edges of the straw against my lips and tongue.

                      Recently I mentioned to a friend how often I seem to spill down my front when drinking in the car, and he asked if I had ever thought about using a straw. It was like a revelation, as if I'd never heard of a "straw". It actually eliminated the problem... shove a straw down the throat of the bottle and sip away! Bumps and potholes be damned!

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                        Love the revelation Graydon...
                        Now about that reservation at the very hard to get into Waverly..
                        ; )

                      2. I am one of those people. It started when I was working as a model, I always had to use a straw to drink anything 'cause if I didn't, makeup artist would kill me! So it became a habit, and now I don't like to drink anything cold without a straw.

                        And yes, I loved making milk bubbles with a straw when I was a kid too!

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                          I hear you on the make up artist freak out if you didn't use a straw...when on set, we'd get the 'talk' while in the chair and now with HD, the green room isn't as fun as it used to be.

                          1. re: Beach Chick

                            I only did print so I wasn't affected by the invention of HD... plus, thank goodness for Photoshop!

                        2. Well first of all, like others have said, who cares if someone wants to drink through a straw.

                          I do at times use one. My paper FF cup will use one. If there's a lot of ice in my drink that I don't want to strain out with my upper lip I'll use one.


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                            Hey DT..
                            First of all, I don't care if others drink through a straw.

                            That's not the point of the post...it seems to me through my travails that the straw has become a necessity to consume a beverage these days.
                            This is after you take out all the extraneous circumstances out of the equation.

                            This is Chowhound and it's a perfectly valid question, since the use of the straw has taken on more of a role in the consumption of a beverage than it used to be.

                          2. Best way to prevent drinking that wasp that flew into your soda can.

                            1. Well, all of the above explains why after 8+ years, I still get a straw with my hot tea at my favorite Chinese place.

                              1. Addicted to straws here, although I do confine their use to cold beverages only. In the last year I've converted to stainless steel straws at home so that there's no waste or plastic involved. I LOVE THEM despite the fact that I now need to keep pipe cleaners on hand to wash them. I even had some made in custom lengths to fit my insulated stainless steel water bottles and my highball drink glasses. I am also a connoisseur of straw diameter--fat straws for some things, skinny straws for others.

                                Besides being lipgloss friendly, a straw prevents drink slop messes and being ice bombed--aka ice falling down in your face when you're drinking the last bit of something. Hate that. (I'm also ridiculously addicted to ice, but that's a whole nuther thread)
                                And yes, how does one safely drink in a moving vehicle without a straw?
                                Bendy straws let one drink while reclined or lying.

                                I never set up a bar for a party without straws. I almost never serve an iced beverage in my home without a straw. I never drink an iced beverage without a straw unless I am out and there are no straws available (which I try to be patient with for environmental reasons, but ugh--annoying).
                                The hygiene thing makes me laugh, although I do take my straw out of my glass for that same reason if I'm at a restaurant and my beverage is taken to be refilled.

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                                1. re: splatgirl

                                  That's the word - ice bombed. Love it ! Reading this thread, I realized that's my main reason for using a straw when I'm at a restaurant. I hate that when I get a face full of ice . If anything klutzy can be done at a restaurant, I'm the one who will do it. So straws are a form of self-defense against dropping wet glasses, knocking over ones that are too close to me, or the dreaded ice bomb.
                                  I use them now and then at home, too, because my icemaker makes crescent shaped ice that forms to the side of the glass, and I have to scrinch up my lip to get the drink past the ice.

                                  1. re: splatgirl

                                    Wow...you are a 'Straw Chick' and I love that you own it!

                                    Hey, I'm addicted to 7th grade lip gloss and completely get the straw thingy.
                                    Never seen a SS straw..love that you are totally familiar with the diameters of the straws..

                                    I prefer a fatter straw but did get a seed from my lemon in the ice tea.
                                    I've been ice bombed too at restaurants where the little work horse straw would of saved my ass.
                                    A wasp is a whole nuther animal...live in San Diego where bugs aren't so prevalent..

                                    Just read that dryer sheets keep the bugs off you..maybe drinks will be wrapped around a dryer sheet and held together by the straw..hee hee

                                    Thanks for your post splatgirl!

                                    1. re: Beach Chick

                                      :) and that's just my short list. In the 80's I could have given you the full run down of fast food restaurant straw styles and diameters.

                                      Remember when bubble tea made it to the U.S? A whole previously undiscovered world of straws!

                                      Stainless steel straws are commercially available--I think Norpro or some other common brand makes them, but mine have all come from a vendor on Etsy because she does different diameters and custom lengths.
                                      What I learned immediately following my switch over to SS was that a metal straw in a metal bottle in the car cup holder rattles and will make a person lose their mind, so I've added a ~1" piece of snug fitting vinyl tubing as a collar on those straws. Placed where it contacts the bottle neck=rattle prevented. In fact, I just gave that exact HydroFlask bottle/extra long,fat SS straw/rattle prevention collar combination as a gift to a friend. (HydroFlask SS insulated bottles are the best thing ever invented IMHO)
                                      The caveat with metal straws is that they're not super tooth or lip friendly--care is required, especially when used while on the treadmill.

                                      1. re: splatgirl

                                        I don't think I have enough blood in my body to justify a metal straw. :S

                                  2. i'm not into straws except when driving. Otherwise i consider them unnecessary waste.

                                    However, for the year I lived in Guatemala, straws were always used, especially for micheladas (beer and tomato juice). If beer was served in a glass, a straw came with it. I never knew why, but it could be for the sanitary reasons stated.

                                    When I first came back, I found myself grabbing a straw at a restaurant to drink my beer. Then i'd think ... sheesh ... this looks bad.

                                    1. I loves me a straw! I use them at home all the time as I am kind of an iced tea junkie - that's my main caffeine source - and like lot's of ice in it, plus lemon so a straw makes for the best delivery w/out my having to eat ice or lemon seeds.
                                      I just grab a spare when out for the occasional fast food meal, and then put them through the dishwasher to keep clean. I reuse a straw until it gets a little worn, then discard, probably after a few weeks. So I only use about 15-20 a year, so I don't think this is too much waste.
                                      However, I am clearly outclassed by Splatgirl! I will have to look into the SS version for home - what a great idea.
                                      Splatgirl, who on Etsy makes this product?

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                                        1. re: splatgirl

                                          Does the stainless steel get really cold in cold drinks?

                                          1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                                            Goo Question, Scarsdale... that might prevent enjoyment of a SS straw..

                                            1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                                              In the same way that a glass gets "really cold" from holding a cold drink, or the way a liquid is chilled from the presence of ice cubes, yes. It can't get colder than whatever it's in.
                                              In use, I don't find it to detract at all from the straw experience :)

                                            2. re: splatgirl

                                              Thank you, and I hope the crafter has an option for a rolled rim to prevent blood loss...