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Jan 8, 2012 08:59 AM

Drinking with a straw..

I don't like straws and don't see the appeal like some..
Some cannot drink their drink unless they have a straw...for me, I want my lips to saddle up to the glass with the ice and cold drink blasting down the hatch.
I watched a woman order a drink and declare she was so thristy but didn't drink her drink until the waiter brought her a straw.

Am I missing something..what's the appeal of the straw...unless, it's to save your lipstick!

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  1. The people I used to work with insisted on straws with their drinks for hygienic reasons. You don't know who or what has touched the can or glass.

    I agree with you.

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    1. re: sr44

      Been to enough dive bars around the world to only drink beer from a bottle..
      ; )

      1. re: sr44

        how do these people manage with coffee cups both china and paper?

      2. People who have had their teeth whitened have to use straws (I asked someone when they put a straw into a cup of hot coffee years ago) I'm unsure as to exactly why.

        I personally see straws as packaging/waste and that's why I don't use them.

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        1. re: Cathy

          I saw someone at a holiday party with a straw in their red wine glass..
          My DDS friend says it helps from red wine staining..

        2. Why worry? They might be wondering why you insist on drinking out of the glass.

          There are people who have painfully sensitive teeth who drink with a straw to help cut down on the pain they experience when drinking cold or hot drinks.
          Sometimes women don't want to trash their lipstick
          People who've had their teeth whitened.

          The list goes on and and let live.

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          1. I use a straw when I eat out, not at home. It's a health precaution. Next time you are in a place where you can see glasses being filled from the soda dispenser (Fountain type, not a bar gun) watch the outside of all the glasses being touched to the metal bar. The assorted servers and bus people have handled the glasses, hopefully they've not put their fingers inside the glass.

            Worst is a buffet. Many states or localities have health rules/laws requiring a fresh plate for each trip to the buffet, but patrons are allowed to take their used glasses to the drink dispensers. So the cup that was in someoine's mouth is then pressed against the metal dispensing lever. YUKKKKK..............

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            1. re: bagelman01

              Never thought about the cup double dipping with the drink dispenser...good one bagelman!

              1. re: Beach Chick

                years ago my ex walked out of a chain buffet when she was refused a clean glass for refilling soda, told that the local health department only required that patron have clean dishes for each trip to the buffet.
                I was a town commissioner at the time and lobbied the district health offoce to change the regulations, After two years of lobbying, the regulations were changed. Servers no clear dirty plates and used glasses from the table at buffets in that district and clean ones are provided for refills.

            2. Obviously you've never blown bubbles into your drink with your straw. OMFG. SUPER FUN! <33333

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