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Jan 8, 2012 08:49 AM

A Place to Wait

Meeting the hubby in the city for dinner the night before an early morning flight. I'll be coming in by train mid to late afternoon and need a place to hang out an hour or so. I'd love to find a place where I can have coffee/tea/wine and a snack while reading that's easily walkable from Market East or Suburban Stations.


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  1. There is a Barnes and Noble on Walnut Street just west of 18th, a few blocks walk from Suburban Station. I haven't been there recently, but they always had a place to have coffee, read and hang out.

    1. Market East - Tria on 12th St or Vintage on 13th St are good for wine and a snack. Suburban - Elixir on 15th St has fantastic coffee and decent pastries but it can get crowded and busy. If you grab a counter spot it could be pretty chill. Either La Colombe location -- 19th St and Penn Square (across from City Hall) -- is pretty relaxed, has ok coffee, amazing caneles (don't miss them). No Wifi at La Colombe. Barnes & Noble across from Rittenhouse is always a good place to waste time, too. You could window shop on Walnut Street on your way there.

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        How about Le Pain Quotidien? Or do any of the hotels have a great lobby bar or tea?

        Thanks for the suggestions!

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          Haven't been to Le Pain Quotidein for more than to grab a coffee but I didnt get the vibe that it would be a good place to sit for a long time (could be wrong about that). You could go to the bar at the Ritz Carlton on Broad Street, XIX at the Hyatt in the Bourse Building, or the Rittenhouse Hotel (Bar 210 @ Lacroix Restaurant, second floor), I think all three hotels do afternoon tea in some way but don't know the details. The cocktails at the Bar 210 are great, XIX didn't leave an impression, haven't tried the Ritz.

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            Room service at the Park-Hyatt in the Bellevue used to do tea in various lobbies upon request. (I had a helluva time finding a place to get tea when I was entertaining my niece for a themed weekend including a matinee of "My Fair Lady.")

            You might want to give them a call.

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              FWIW Dandelion is now doing tea in the afternoons. It would not be convenient for the OP though as thats in the RIttenhouse area.