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Jan 8, 2012 08:40 AM

Slows Doesn't Care... But I do! [Detroit]

Went to Sugarhouse last night - had some great drinks.

Grabbed dinner at Slows - got back to my car and my lock had been popped. There was also the stuff of many other cars strewn on the street.

Called Slow's and their response was basically - "that happens a lot".

Apparently there is now secure parking behind the old Mercury Bar. Just wanted to let others know.

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  1. You would think that Slows, being a destination restaurant in an area being gentrified, would have significant police protective patrols...

    Sorry you had to experience that, dw.

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    1. re: RedTop

      Very sorry to hear this!, and thank you for the alert. I thought rainsux was being a little paranoid, but....

    2. Be aware that the owner of Slow's is the one that funded that secured parking....

      Otherwise you are parking on public streets and have to deal with nefarious public people too.

      A bit of empathy sounds like it would have been a better response though...

        1. re: Fydeaux


          Slows Bar B Que
          2138 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

        2. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. But this is an unfortunately frequent occurrence in Corktown. Slow's ownership is notorious for waving it off as "you park at your own risk".

          What's sort of ironic, though, is that Corktown has become one of the more gentrified parts of the city, where most suburbanites feel "safe" dining, parking, hanging out, etc. But the criminals know this, and seem to take full advantage -- there are ALWAYS reports of thefts and break-ins from Slow's customers. Yet, I have NEVER once heard of a suburbanite being the victim of a car break-in in a "seedier" area (e.g. Delray, Grixdale, Springwells) where suburbanites seem to avoid like the plague.

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            If this was Facebook....I would like your status.

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              The irony is that DPD has now outlawed on-street parking in the area ... In order to force potential victims to use pay lots. Ie enforcement will focus on the towing customers' cars, not stopping the criminals. I suspect that the criminals will simply resort to mugging us customers as we walk to:from the pay lots.

              1. re: rainsux

                They are not enforcing it in this area...they are mainly enforcing it in the entertainment district (Fox, Fillmore and Tiger Stadium Area).