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Jan 8, 2012 08:10 AM

Cooking for gluten-free guest... this soup ok?

Hi everyone!
My wife and I are having a friend over for dinner who has a gluten-free diet restriction. I understand the basics of the limitation and thought I'd share my dinner idea here in case I'm overlooking anything, for your advice.

Variation of "Tuscan kale and cannellini bean stew"... ingredients
-- I cooked the beans, simple aromatics and water
--canned tomatoes
--veggies including mire poix/sofritto aromatics
--Spanish dry cured chorizo (brand is Palacios, only ingredients are pork, paprika, salt, and garlic)
--russet potatoes
--olive oil

Obviously no bread or flour for anything.

Salad likely lettuce with apple, walnut, and blue cheese.

This OK? Other suggestions? Gracias, salud!

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  1. Your fresh ingredients will be fine. You can select those carefully enough to know what you're getting. It's the packaged stuff that's a mystery. Your tomato products can have gluten in them and, depending on the percentage, don't have to list it on the label. The chorizo falls into that same category. If there's an "800" number on the label, give the company a call and ask the question.

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    1. re: todao

      i have never seen plain canned tomatoes that have any gluten. perhaps in some "sauce" kinds of things, but not plain plum tomatoes. and i do not eat gluten or grains of any kind.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Thanks for the heads-up... I'm using the whole peeled plum tomatoes, so hopefully we are good :-)

    2. This menu is great!

      If you want to do a desert poached pears with ice cream, or fruit with pastry creme (choose a flour-less recipe) would be great. You could grate some chocolate over the top or something.

      Make sure you scrub down you cutting board, work area and utensils before you start in case there are bits of dried dough or bread crumbs or wisps of flour hanging around.

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      1. re: luciaannek

        any kind of tart or custard can be poured into a crust made with nuts instead of flour for dessert too.

        1. re: luciaannek

          Thanks for the advice about the workspace... I wasn't aware how sensitive or not that would be... there would certainly be known to be wisps of flour in our kitchen.

        2. Beware of the blue cheese- sounds weird I know, but I have read that sometimes gluten is part of the process. Perhaps you could have the blue cheese on the side, giving your guest the option, knowing the degree of her own sensitivity. She may well tell you that she has never had a problem with blue cheese, and to mix it in, but she will appreciate your attention to detail!!

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          1. re: amsuka

            any cheese that is purchased crumbled or grated and already bagged usually has some kind of gluten as anti-caking agent. not a problem when purchasing whole pieces.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              not a problem when purchasing whole pieces.
              not necessarily - it's not a matter of anti-caking agents. jury's kinda still out on this one, but some blues are still grown on gluten-containing media (i.e. bread is used to generate the mold for production). tests have shown that these cheeses can contain gluten in concentrations that come in below the FDA's "acceptable" levels for something to be defined GF, but some people are still sufficiently sensitive to react.

          2. It's fine for gluten-free, with the caveats below about weird trace ingredients in packaged items. But it also sounds delicious all-around!

            1. Sounds really yummy!
              As mentioned above, though, even if the blue cheese might be GF, many of us celiacs stay away from it just in case. So it might be more polite to your friend to switch to something like goat cheese.

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              1. re: PamelaD

                Thank you very much for this heads up! I was planning on cutting from a wedge (Pt. Reyes Blue), but I'll leave it on the side just in case!