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Jan 8, 2012 08:09 AM

Suggest a sauce for pork dish

i'm having a dinner party in a couple of weeks and plan to make a ricotta or fromage blanc and greens filled pork roast. I'd like to have a light sauce to go with the pork. The caveats are no alcohol and no gluten. Any flavors I should consider? thanks.

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  1. Blend some plumb jam with balsamic vinegar to taste.

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    1. re: todao

      or apricot preserves with orange juice.

      a cranberry confit with ginger would be nice too. still in season.

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        Good one! Altho I would like something spicy, stay away from spicy unless everyone in attendance likes spicy.

    2. You could use the pan drippings and build from there. Be sure to add some stock base.

      green peppercorn, tarragon & finish with butter

      capers, rosemary & finish with butter

      You may also want to try arrowroot to thicken instead of a gluten or butter finish.

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      1. I do thick chops with a light pan sauce of a crisp white wine, a little lemon, pepper, fresh sage, and a few strips of sun dried tomatoes,slightly thickened by the light flouting of the chops. You could build on the pan drippings in like manner. Also at times I have used apple juice instead of wine for a sweeter but still light sauce.

        1. I would agree with a fruit based sauce; figs, apricots, plums, etc. as mentioned down thread... in fact have done a stuffing with these reconstituted...

          1. Thanks for the great ideas everyone! Now the hard part--picking one of these!