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Suggest a sauce for pork dish

i'm having a dinner party in a couple of weeks and plan to make a ricotta or fromage blanc and greens filled pork roast. I'd like to have a light sauce to go with the pork. The caveats are no alcohol and no gluten. Any flavors I should consider? thanks.

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  1. Blend some plumb jam with balsamic vinegar to taste.

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      or apricot preserves with orange juice.

      a cranberry confit with ginger would be nice too. still in season.

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        Good one! Altho I would like something spicy, stay away from spicy unless everyone in attendance likes spicy.

    2. You could use the pan drippings and build from there. Be sure to add some stock base.

      green peppercorn, tarragon & finish with butter

      capers, rosemary & finish with butter

      You may also want to try arrowroot to thicken instead of a gluten or butter finish.

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      1. I do thick chops with a light pan sauce of a crisp white wine, a little lemon, pepper, fresh sage, and a few strips of sun dried tomatoes,slightly thickened by the light flouting of the chops. You could build on the pan drippings in like manner. Also at times I have used apple juice instead of wine for a sweeter but still light sauce.

        1. I would agree with a fruit based sauce; figs, apricots, plums, etc. as mentioned down thread... in fact have done a stuffing with these reconstituted...

          1. Thanks for the great ideas everyone! Now the hard part--picking one of these!

            1. Cherries, shallots, and balsamic!

              1. Fruit based sauce of some kind, as others have already suggested. Sweet-tart to contrast with the pork and its fat. My vote is for cranberry-raisin

                1. Had pork loin with apple raisin chutney recently. Worked quite well and I imagine the chutney would work with other pork dishes.

                  1. Jezebel sauce. (Generally some sort of fruit preserves - I'd go with apricot - plus horseradish, pepper, apple jelly, dry mustard and pepper.)

                    1. Here's the sauce that i serve with pulled pork. All home-made and my own recipe.

                      1. Rough chop 2 cups of onion
                      2. Puree onion in blender with at least 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil. It may take more oil to get it smooth. Don't be shy about adding more oil, as needed during this step.
                      3. Add 4 TB of garlic. It can be minced, chopped or roasted - take your pick. IMO roasted is best
                      4. Puree the heck out of it
                      5. Pour into 5+ dutch oven, set to low flame and slowly simmer for 15 min.
                      6. Whisk occasionally as needed
                      7. Incorporate two 6oz cans tomato paste, whisk in and slowly simmer for 5-10 min

                      Now this is your BASE. From here, you can modify what I do, to suit what you want for that meal, that day, that experience. Next steps for me are usually something like this:

                      8. Add 2 TB chili paste or Sriracha chili sauce (or 1 of each). Whisk!
                      9. Taste. Add 1 TB at a time, if desired (I usually go with 4 TB total). Whisk!
                      10. Add 1 TB Kosher salt. Whisk!
                      11. Add lots of fresh ground black pepper. Whisk!
                      12. Taste. Add more salt/pepper as needed. Whisk!
                      13. Add 1/4 - 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (fire without flavor). Whisk!
                      14. Add 1 tsp balsamic vinegar. taste. add 1 more if desired. Whisk!
                      15. Add 2 TB dried fenugreek leaves (methi). The measurement is approximate. I just crush a "good-sized bunch of it" between my hands, rubbing them back and forth so they are like powder and toss it in. Whisk in, and let simmer for 3-4 minutes. Taste. Add more if you like. As far as I'm concerned, adding more is a good thing. Dried is the key - don't use fresh. It's readily available at any indian grocery and is very cheap and is absolute MAGIC.

                      At this point, the sauce should be very flavorful, with a good balance of heat, salt/pepper, depth and complexity. It can well be used as is. But ... I like to finish it off by adding 1/2 can of coconut milk. Taste and add more coconut milk if you like, say 1/4 can at a time.

                      This sauce is one of my signature sauces, is great on pork, beef, eggs, veggies, etc. While you are doing the sauce, it's easy to prep and cook other things. The entire sauce is done low and slow, with whatever breaks you need to take to do other stuff in the kitchen.


                      1. reduce apple juice or cider with garlic/shallots/ginger/honey/cinnamon stick salt and pepper.
                        finish with a dollop of butter. present in a bowl