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Jan 8, 2012 08:03 AM

Floridian - St. Augustine

Drove up to St. Augustine from New Smyrna Beach Friday aft. to try the Floridian restaurant on the recommendation of a friend whose judgement I trust. If anything, the food was better than described. Liked their take on some old classics such as chicken and dumplings and my favorite, shrimp and grits that is served with crispy polenta and a remoulade with a hint of dijon in it.

Prices are reasonable and wine selection while quirky, was good.

We'll be back.

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  1. Were you there for lunch or dinner? So glad to hear good things about this place. We have struggled to eat well in St. Aug.

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    1. re: marelyisdead

      We were there for dinner. But, I think they may have the same menu for lunch and dinner.

      1. re: Wakeley Bridge

        The Floridian in St Augustine has great fresh food - the menu is different now lunch and dinner - which makes me sad as they have a fabulous shrimp salad only at lunch. They have the BEST pecan pie we have ever eaten. I always take people visiting there and everyone loves it.