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Jan 8, 2012 07:56 AM

The River Runs Dry

Had a hankering for smoked Brisket and while Cecil's in Orlando is our favorite, we thought the trip from our place in New Smyrna Beach to Longwood would be quicker, so we decided to try the new location for the 4Rivers Smokehouse in Longwood.

We arrived about 1:45 Saturday afternoon to find a pretty long line still there for the lunch crowd. We decided to stick it out and after about a 30 minute wait we finally made it to the order counter. My wife and I both ordered sliced brisket and were pleased to see a brand new portion delivered to the slicing station just as we ordered. Got 3 sides (all just ok) and proceeded to the indoor seating area. By the time we started eating, the meat had dried out to the point that it was the consistancy of cardboard. If this was a freshly sliced serving I hate to think what a portion that had been sitting there for a while would have been like. Meat was also way over salted (and this is from a guy who loves salty foods).

We won't be back. Cecil's is much, much better.

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