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Jan 8, 2012 07:38 AM

Azul y Oro, Centro Cultural Universitaria: GREAT NEWS!

For all of you Chowhounds who visit Mexico City and hope to dine (during UNAM hours) at Ricardo Muñoz Zurita's flagship Azul y Oro, great news: the city has built a new MetroBus Line 1 stop at Centro Cultural Universitaria, just in front of Sala Nezahuacóyatl. Azul y Oro is just two steps to the right of the Sala.

If you're staying anywhere along Line 1 of the MetroBus (it traverses Av. Insurgentes from Indios Verdes all the way south, past Revolución, Reforma, Sonora, and on down), this is the simplest way to get to the restaurant.

Of course, on that line you will pass by the Nuevo León stop--you could get off there and walk over to Azul/Condesa, too. The menus and prices are the same; Azul y Oro serves no alcohol, but libations are liberal at Azul/Condesa.

Yippee for the MetroBus!


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  1. YES. I think I will have to celebrate my last semester at UNAM by visiting Azul y Oro this way sometime!
    Going from my Faculty to this part of UNAM could take up to 50 min using internal transport. This metrobus stop will make it a lot easier for many students to profit more from research institutes... and to visit the 'real' Azul y Oro!

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      And unlike the 'caracol' (spiral ramp) at the MetroBus CU stop, the Centro Cultural stop has a long and very gently inclined ramp that takes you to and from the stop. Very comfortable to walk.

      Yesterday we had made prior comida plans with a group of friends, at a new-ish Chinese restaurant in la Condesa. Earlier in the day we attended a concert at Sala Nezahuacóyatl, using the new MetroBus stop. Walking past Azul y Oro on the way to the concert was torture--ah, the fragrances!--and walking past it again on the way out, when we were already starving, was almost more than a human bean could stand. But now that Azul y Oro is so simple to get to, we'll go more often.


    2. I always thought it was insane that they didn't put a stop there in the first place. Whoever made that decision is, I hope, mopping floors at Pino Suarez