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Jan 8, 2012 06:57 AM

Hidden Gems in Savannah?

I've been to Savannah once and wasn't overly impressed with the meals I had (and honestly I can't even remember the names of the restaurants for it's been a few years). Having said that, Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities the US has to offer and I've been dying to get back! I'll be traveling down with my boyfriend for a romantic getaway next month and we would love to find a special dining experience for both nights. We like to find the non-touristy places of course!

Can anyone send some recommendations our way?


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  1. We like Noble Fare, Garibaldi and Cha Bella.

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    1. re: kengk

      Also, Elizabeth's on 37th, Olde Pink House and Local 11 Ten.

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        I'm also going to be in Savannah next month and am seeking the same advice. Please offer opinions for the following:

        Sapphire Grill
        700 Drayton

        Thanks for any help/suggestions!

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          Sorry i can't really help as i haven't been to either of those. However, here is a previous thread that may be of help:

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          I will second the Olde Pink House, have only been there once but it was a pleasant enough experience that we plan to return at some point.

          We generally go to Savannah for a long weekend 2-3 times per year. Next trip is at the end of April and this is where I think we will eat for the three nights we are there. We will revisit Noble Fare and try two new to us, Local 11 Ten and the Sapphire Grill.