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Jan 8, 2012 06:11 AM

Where to buy high quality fresh fish near South Ken? [London]

I need to buy very high quality fresh fish to cook at home. I am living near South Kensington, but I don't mind traveling to a really good fish market/shop. Where do you suggest I go?

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  1. Have you tried Moxon's on Bute St? They're a great fishmonger. Otherwise, Whole Foods stocks fresh stuff.

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      Whole Foods has a nice selection, and I would imagine that the Waitrose at the Gloucester Rd. Tube stop would also carry very nice fish.. most of their shops do.

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        I have a deep-seated distrust of buying fish at supermarkets (barring places like Whole Foods) due to horrid fish departments at Safeway or other supermarkets in Canada.

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          Maybe it's time to get over your distrust. :-) We've never gotten bad fish here and the selection in most stores is very good. My husband is a lover of brown (not rainbow) trout, and I can find that in just about every Waitrose. I think you're right that the seafood depts. over 'there,' are not very good. I didn't eat as much fish before as I do since moving here and that's probably one reason.

          There are a few fishmongers near our house (both about a ten minute drive), but I find their selection pretty sparse.

    2. There's a chap called les Lawrence who runs an excellent fish stall Saturday mornings on bute street- all caught the day or two before and by far the cheapest ive seen in London - bargain lobster/crab especially. Range can be slightly limited but moxons on the same street is also excellent (for a slight premium)

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        Les used to do Brixton Farmer's market but sadly we couldn't compete with the deep pockets of South Ken - agree that his fish is excellent.

      2. Harrods. Cheaper than Borough Market!

        1. Does the seafood stall at Bibendum sell fresh fish or just shell fish?

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            From recollection its just shellfish - I tend to not venture too close as the stall is insanely overpriced. Much better off walking 5 mins over to Bute street for Moxons or Les Lawrence if its a saturday morning

          2. I think the two best places to buy fish in West London are both around the Japanese community in Ealing. One is Mo's Fisheries in Ealing Common (opposite the tube station). They're closed Mondays and Sundays but have amazing selection the rest of the week.
            and atari-ya in West Acton (round the corner from the station), they quality of their fish is normally sashimi grade and absolutely lush, they'll also do all the prep if you want to just season/cook.

            (Also if you are over at Ealing Common then you MUST stop at Kiraku and/or Atari-ya sushi bar, then go buy some great japanese ingredients at Natural Natural, and Korean ingredients at Duri, all within about 10 feet of each other - I love living in Ealing common!)