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Jan 8, 2012 05:23 AM

Suggestions for healthy eating in NOLA?

I lived in NOLA for many years and love the food, the vibe, the city, everything.

Regarding dining, what I enjoy most is healthy eating. I feel better when I eat healthy. Sad to see Old Dog New Trick close a few years ago. Any healthy recommendations?

Cafe Rana on Magazine is on my list. I can also stock up on things at Whole Foods. Thanks.

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  1. How about the Royal St. Deli in the Quarter? After too many rich meals back to back, this place seems to serve food that refreshes the palate; I'd describe the sandwiches as "green and crunchy" though that's probably more perception than reality. I've always been impressed with their sandwiches and salads and think the service there is unexpectedly warm and competent for a low brow place in the Quarter.

    One caveat: a while back they changed their wine selection ... it used to be pretty eclectic with bottles in the $20s. Someone got it into his or her head to support one winery only with bottles running in the $60s. I like a $60 bottle of wine as much as the next guy but that price is out of whack with the food they serve.

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      I think eating healthy in NOLA would be considered an oxymoron. Or a waste of time. Try Berkeley.

    2. Good luck with that...

      Green Goddess? or Salu and Baru have refreshing 'healthier' options....

      1. I sympathize with your quest for healthier food options in the area. I occasionally love pork and rich chocolate desserts. However, I personally prefer not to eat like that every night. I am not sure what you mean by “healthy” and if you have any specific dietary needs. I am including a list of places with vegetarian/vegan options that I posted a few months ago and some new ideas. I would really be curious to learn about other people’s lists. I am especially interested in fish/seafood that is grilled or cooked in “healthier” oils.

        Satsuma Cafe in the Bywater has lovely salads and other options and is now open for dinner.

        Cafe Carmo in the CBD has wonderful Latin fusion food, including salads and vegan versions of their daily specials. They also do a great job of keeping their website/twitter updated with daily specials.

        Il Posto in the Uptown area also has salads, vegan soups, and some more sinful paninis.

        9 Roses and many of the other Vietnamese restaurants tend to have some great seafood salads and lighter fare.

        In addition, I would recommend the Hollygrove Market for fresh local produce, bread, jams and jellies, and the great food truck scene (Tuesdays and Saturdays).

        Many great restaurants have vegetarian options on the menu:

        Dante’s Kitchen
        Mat and Naddie’s
        Green Goddess
        Café Abyssinia

        Some casual vegetarian pop-ups may be appealing:

        Wandering Buddha (in the Hi-Ho Lounge)
        O! Vegasm (St. Roch Tavern)