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Jan 7, 2012 11:37 PM

Favorite vegetarian dishes to cook in your dutch ovens?

I got a set of new Staub cookware for Christmas due to my husband making my holiday merry and bright. I've been using cast iron for years, but with the beautiful luster of these new pots and pans I've started to grow tired of my same old recipes. Some how these pans are better then my same old same old.

I've tried mixing it up myself and I've made a winter squash au vin and have recently made plans to make Mark Bitman's Tomato Paella one week night next week in the saute pan. But now what?

So I'm reaching out you to- the Chowhound community with your wealth of skill and wonderful creative ideas.

Whatcha got?

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  1. I have made many heavily vegetable oriented dishes, and some are pure vegetarian.

    Turnip green (do you like Southern dish?)

    Tofu and green onion soap (Chinese?)

    Gumbo (Cajun?)

    Yellow dal (Indian?)

    Come to think of it, there tons of Indian vegetarian dishes which would be great in a Dutch Oven. I wonder if you like Indian foods. If so, then you are lucky.

    1. yes, vegetarian gumbo--101cookbooks has a great one. Serve with tons of hot sauce.
      That Tomato Paella recipe is outstanding.
      Greek Briami (this one is great-
      )I also like moroccan chickpea/couscous recipes--see Smitten Kitchen's squash and chickpea moroccan stew.

      Don't forget about no-knead bread.

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        oh I've forgotten about gumbo! I love gumbo! :)

      2. Ratatouille, ever' last time. Even in winter with best-quality canned tomatoes. Eaten at room temp. You can use it to carmelize onions and other veg. for stock, too. Yum. Any multi-veg casserole, braised. So good for dinner, esp. with a fried egg on top....

        1. Post-Punk Kitchen has a good recipe for dilly stew -- basically root veg and white kidney beans cooked up with generous amounts of dill. The recipe is for the stovetop, but I made it to great acclaim with minimal changes and in a dutch oven instead.

          You can also do great things baking rice with various liquids and vegetables added, in a dutch oven. The bits sitting against the iron get nice and chewy/crunchy, yum!

          1. Beans. We do a lot of Tuscan style white beans. Cook soaked cannellini beans stovetop with garlic cloves and sage. After they boil, skim, and move to the oven at 325-350 until tender -- wait til pretty late in the game to add salt.

            Vegetarian cassoulet is also good.